Samsung Focus Turns Your Phone into a Productivity Powerhouse

on December 29, 2016
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Samsung Focus, an all-in-one productivity app, helps business users focus on what matters most. The productivity solution accomplishes this by providing quick access to email (available with multiple accounts), calendar, memo, contacts from a single app via a tabbed interface.




Each tab can exchange information to make creating, prioritizing and completing tasks more efficient. For example, users can quickly create a calendar entry based on email content, or locate related items with the tap of a button.


These communication tools are woven together via a unified search feature to help users easily find exactly what they need to see. From Focus tab, users can see a summary of major notifications via the easy-to-read, card-type UX, that can be customized based on the user’s preferences. Furthermore, Samsung Focus will push reminders and suggest actions such as joining a conference call when appropriate.


Samsung Focus’ streamlined interface also features a notification bar and a floating action button that give users more control over their work environment. And, because the mobile app can be synced with a PC, users can switch back and forth between devices anytime, anywhere.


The features of Samsung Focus work in tandem to enhance workplace productivity, from managing emails to dialing in on a conference call.



Keyword Setup

With simple setup for keywords in Focus Tab, Samsung Focus displays a notifications of email or schedule contains a previously registered word, such as “conference” or “business trip.” This feature ensures that users never miss out on essential information.




Priority Sender

An alert notifies users of emails from preset priority senders to flag importance.




Conference Call

Making conference calls has become simpler with Samsung Focus. Users can now make a meeting request via email directly through the app, and can also instantly dial in with a single tap.





The app automatically sorts emails and schedule events so users can manage previous messages and appointments with ease.



The latest version of Samsung Focus is available for download on Google Play and is supported on Samsung smartphones running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow or later.

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