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Samsung GALAXY Premiere 2014: Recap

on June 13, 2014

Samsung Premiere event is Samsung’s global launch platform that debuted in London last year. The second Samsung Premiere event was held in Madison Square Garden, New York, U.S. just an hour ago. At the event, Samsung introduced Galaxy Tab S, the world’s first high-resolution Super AMOLED tablet. For those of you who missed the live streaming of the event here at Samsung Tomorrow, here is the highlight. BTW, you’ll notice Jarvis from Iron Man being mentioned in the article. It is true.



Welcome speech – President DJ Lee


Introducing the Galaxy Tab S 1


“Our inspiration comes from you” said Mr. DJ Lee, President and Head of Sales & Marketing of the IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, “innovation in the tablet market is not an exception.”



Announcing the Galaxy Tab S, “simply put, our best tablet ever!”


Galaxy Tab S full shot


After the welcome speech by Mr. DJ Lee, no time was wasted in introducing the Galaxy Tab S.


“Galaxy Tab S, the world’s first high-resolution Super AMOLED tablet, is Samsung’s best tablet ever.” said Mr. Michael Abary, Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics America.  


As the Super AMOLED suggests, it is clear that Galaxy Tab S was developed as a personal visual device optimized for content consumption.


Galaxy Tab S offers the most advanced 16 x 10 WQXGA Super AMOLED display on the market with 2560 x 1600 resolution. However, the GALAXY Tab S delivers many more colors more dynamically through not just pixel density, but also through pixel quality.


A significant amount of the event was dedicated to the AMOLED display on the GALAXY Tab S and its 4 key advanced features: Wider color range, Deep contrast, Samsung’s unique Adaptive Display, and outstanding Outdoor Visibility.



The world’s First Super AMOLED Tablet: what do you get?


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“Producing innovative displays that immerse and captivate is part of our DNA. So we’re leveraging our core competency in display technology to create a new personal visual device optimized for delivering the ultimate viewing experience…” said Michael Abary, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics America


As it was said, Galaxy Tab S is a tablet optimized for content consumption; therefore, the display is the key. Here are 4 key features of the Super AMOLED display of the Galaxy Tab S.


So far, technically, Galaxy Tab S is the only tablet that gets you closest to real-life colors. One of the key factors is the wide color range. Compared to LCD tablets, the AMOLED display of the Galaxy Tab S can reveal about 20% more of the color spectrum our eyes expect to see.


Also, the contrast of the Galaxy Tab Sis almost 100 times better compared to conventional LCD tablets. With deeper contrast, you get so much more detail, even in the darkest areas in an image.


Adaptive Display of the Galaxy Tab S automatically optimizes the gamma, brightness, contrast, and sharpness for these 7 key native apps. Basically, the display adapts to the environment. In addition to Adaptive Display, Tab S users also enjoy three user-selectable modes: AMOLED Cinema mode for high-quality video watching, AMOLED Photo mode for AdobeRGB color reproduction, and Basic mode for sRGB color accuracy.


With improved and enhanced Local Contrast Enhancement and low reflectiveness of the AMOLED display allow superior outdoor visibility; you can read or watch movies under the blazing sun.


Moreover, Galaxy Tab S also utilizes mDNIe picture engine, which is generally used in high-end Samsung TVs, for superior picture quality.



How long does the battery last?


However, you do not have to worry about this high quality display eating up the battery life. The AMOLED display uses a lot less energy than other tablet displays. As a result, Galaxy Tab S gives you 11 hours of battery life, which is approximately an entire season of your favorite TV show in 1080p, all on one battery charge on your flight from New York to Buenos Aires.



About the Design, Color, Size and Weight


Galaxy Tab S Product Shot


To maintain design continuity, Galaxy Tab S incorporates the same dimple design back as the GALAXY S5. And to create a more premium look we trimmed it in gold, to give it an aura of luxury. The Tab S is finely crafted, with a modern, sleek look inspired by architectural design elements and minimalist aesthetics. Galaxy Tab S will be available in Titanium Bronze and Dazzling White.


Moreover, because of the AMOLED screen, it’s only 6.6mm thin, which is thinner than most smartphones; and yet it’s built with a high performance display and battery. Also with the 8.4″ WiFi version weighing  in at only 294 grams, Tab S is a perfect portable device. Galaxy Tab S will be available in 10.5” and 8.4”.



Milk Music


Milk makes it faster for users to find the perfect song, especially with the new user interface. Nick demonstrated how you can use Milk Music.


He first went over the circular dial, which was inspired by an analog radio dial. By turning it in either direction, users can discover new hits, and find old favorites. You can turn the dial to quickly jump through genres. Or you can skip to any station by simply tapping on it.


Then he demonstrated how “Fine Tune” works. After choosing his favorite music, used the slider to play more or less popular music within that genre, he “Fine Tune”ed it. Fine Tune works like this. By choosing less popular songs he discovers more new music. The middle slider prioritizes songs based on their release date. Once you have the perfect mix, you add it to “My Stations” for quick access. You can also create new stations from the growing music catalog of thirteen million songs.


3 things that the Press Release doesn’t get so deep into…


Like Galaxy S5, Galaxy Tab S has the latest Wi-Fi standard, “ac” MiMO to support the advanced connectivity features. For example, Samsung is the only tablet manufacturer that supports voice call on its tablets. It also supports SideSync which allows GALAXY phones to connect and mirror their screens on Galaxy Tab S. With this, you can use Call Forwarding to make a call over Wi-Fi with SideSync.


You can pretty much connect whichever device you want, depending on the type of connection — Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct or Bluetooth. To make the search for connectable device, Quick Connect automatically searches and connects it for you, which sounds pretty convenient.



Galaxy Tab S also features:


Multi-window for displaying 2 different apps simultaneously,


Remote PC for opening or sharing files from your PC wherever and whenever,


E-meeting, a downloadable app, for connecting a group of Tabs in the same room using Wi-Fi,


Built-in WebEx for video conferencing


Samsung’s new Download booster, which combines your 3 and 4G Data with your Wi-Fi for even better performance.


After the explanations for the connectivity features, people got to hear about the security of the Galaxy Tab S. Samsung added another new security feature: Multiuser mode, so all the people in your house can share the same Tab S.  It’s popular on Samsung devices, but this is the first time it functions with the Fingerprint Reader. In fact, fingerprint detection for multi-user log-in is an industry first. Samsung developed this feature after research showed many users share the same tablet within a family. Up to 8 users can register their fingerprint and customize things like screen settings, giving each member of the family their own private space to manage their content by unlocking private mode.


Recently five Samsung KNOX-embedded devices running Android 4.4; Kit Kat have been included in the US Defense Information System Agency’s Approved Products List. Now allowing government personnel a wider choice of mobile devices in the field and in offices while increasing flexibility and driving down costs. Fingerprint detection on the Tab S is tightly integrated with the KNOX mobile security platform to ensure such high level security.


Galaxy Tab S Gift Contents


At the Galaxy Premier event, Samsung also took the time to demonstrate some of the contents that are specialized for the Galaxy Tab S. Samsung collaborated with numbers of content service providers for the Galaxy Tab S, which utilizes the Super AMOLED display. One of the most intriguing parts of the demonstration was the special appearance of Jarvis, best known as the artificial personal assistant to Iron Man. It was a rare thing to see him talk to someone other than Tony Stark. Anyway, here are some of the featured collaborations.


NETFLIX: Netflix will be available in high definition making the Tab S one of the selected few tablets to offer Netflix streaming of movies and TV shows in full HD 1080p.


YOUTUBE: Samsung partnered with YouTube so the Galaxy Tab S supports YouTube 1080p videos.


paper gardden collaboration


Papergarden & Condé Nast: Condé Nast’s Editorial Director, Tom Wallace, presented Papergarden and Condé Nast. They offer users a variety of interactive magazines customized exclusively for the Tab S. All the content is optimized for the 16:10 aspect ratio of the Tab S, and the colors are even richer thanks to the Super AMOLED display.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: National Geographic will offer the 50 Greatest Photographs application and various interactive features.


“Our next partner brings the Super Hero to the Super AMOLED.” YES!


Jarvis from Iron man talks with Samsung


MARVEL: Jarvis from Iron Man and Mr. Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Entertainment, had a little chitchat. Mr. Quesada was “fully capable of announcing the Avengers: Age of Ultron partnership between Samsung and Marvel.” Users will be able to see Marvel content on the Marvel app on Samsung Tablets starting with Tab S.



Accessorize the Galaxy Tab S: Swappable Covers and Bluetooth Keyboard


 Book cover of Galaxy Tab S


Various accessories were also presented at the Samsung Galaxy Premier 2014. For example, the newly designed swappable covers come in two styles — Book cover & simple cover – and various colors: white, bronze, blue, ivory, red, and black.  The new snap buttons allow easy connection of the cover to the device. Moreover, it is slim even with the cover on.


And with the Book Cover, users can easily fold it to achieve three different planes to get the best angle for their immediate needs:  Media viewing mode, touch mode, and typing mode.


Bluetooth Keyboard of Galaxy Tab S


There’s also a Bluetooth Keyboard for Galaxy Tab S was also presented at the event. It’s specifically for the Galaxy Tab S 10.5” and the keyboard itself is only 7.5 mm thin.


– Photos from the Expereince Zone –


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That is pretty much it for the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Tab S. There is no doubt that the way we have been using tablets has changed over the years. However, Samsung has recognized the trend and potential of the tablet as being the ultimate device for content consumption. Galaxy Tab S, the world’s first high-resolution Super AMOLED tablet, is surely expected to up the standard of quality of viewing experience.  



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