Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Receive Accessibility Seal from the ONCE Foundation

on August 4, 2020
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Honoring its commitment to making technology more accessible for people with disabilities, Samsung Electronics Iberia, S.A.U. has announced that its Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note10 devices have received an accessibility certification from Spain-based NGO Fundación ONCE (the ONCE Foundation). The Amovil seal is part of a project developed by the ONCE Foundation in collaboration with universal accessibility consultancy ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad, whose objective is to provide information about the accessibility features of commercial smartphones.



A Leader in Accessibility

Samsung is the first manufacturer to receive the ONCE Foundation’s seal of accessibility, which affirms that Samsung devices meet universal accessibility standards. This achievement is the result of close collaboration between Samsung and the ONCE Foundation, with the organizations aiming to use technology as a tool to support the autonomy of people living with disabilities and improve their quality of life.


“We are very proud to be the first to receive the ONCE Foundation seal of accessibility, which is another sign of our efforts to make all our products accessible to as many people as possible,” said Alfonso Fernández, head of Marketing, Corporate Communication and Institutional Relations at Samsung Electronics Iberia. Meanwhile, Jesús Hernández, head of Universal Accessibility and Innovation at the ONCE Foundation, stressed that, “This certification has been established to meet the demands of the many institutions that want to know if the technology they purchase is responsible or not. Samsung is well-aware of how important it is to ensure that its devices are accessible to as much of the population as possible.”



Striving for Accessibility in the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note10

The Galaxy S20 family, consisting of the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra, has been certified by the ONCE Foundation as providing accessibility features for people with zero and partial vision, zero and partial hearing, moderate and severe manipulation difficulties, difficulty seeing colors and speech difficulties. In addition, all of the Galaxy S20 models include a comprehensive accessibility menu to help users find the features they’re looking for quickly and easily. Users are also afforded the option to activate accessibility functions – such as the screen reader – when they first turn their devices on. The entire Galaxy S20 range also includes 5G connectivity, which allows users to download content faster, without delays or interruptions, even while conducting video calls or viewing live content.


In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 incorporates accessibility features for people with zero and partial vision, zero and partial hearing, moderate or severe manipulation difficulties, color blindness, and speech difficulties. It also includes an S Pen that allows users to take notes and create precise sketches, facilitating the completion of a wide range of tasks.



Samsung’s Broader Commitment to Accessibility

Samsung Electronics Iberia, S.A.U.’s commitment to accessibility is part of its corporate “Tecnología con Propósito” program, which seeks to positively impact the greatest number of people possible by harnessing technology to break down barriers. In Spain, these efforts extend to such important areas as education and culture, welfare, entrepreneurship and employability. In order to best serve these efforts, Samsung is constantly seeking partnerships with prominent associations such as the ONCE Foundation, among others, in order to promote inclusion and technological progress.


For more information on the different Samsung accessibility resources available, check out Samsung’s dedicated accessibility page here.

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