Samsung Gear S2 and Gear VR Harness the Charm of the Circle

on December 8, 2015
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The circle. Representing the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe, it is perhaps one of the most sacred and divine symbols that mankind has ever known.


In September, a smartwatch boasting this powerful shape was unveiled at IFA—a design drastically different from the rectangular styles that preceded it. The mesmerizing Gear S2 immediately set itself apart by boasting a more traditionally analog design. Likewise, the concept of the circle was also applied to the Gear VR, another device by Samsung Electronics. The virtual reality headset allows users to watch digital content in 3D with a 360-degree view—an entirely new experience for most.


GearS2_GearVR _Event_Main_1


Yet, it’s not just tech fans that have fallen for the charms of these circle-centric products. They have made their way into the fashion, sports and entertainment industries throughout the world.


In Vogue


On November 28, Samsung held a fashion show in collaboration with BALR., a Netherlands-based fashion brand founded by three professional soccer players. BALR. produces clothing and accessories based on the concepts of simplicity, luxury and comfort. With over 700,000 Instagram fans, the brand is constantly growing in popularity, especially among millennials.


Working hand-in-hand with Samsung, the brand showcased the Gear S2 with the unique styles of BALR. at the show.



“The union of the Gear S2 and BALR. illustrates the future of fashion and technology. Going forward, we will continue to feature technology unique to Samsung by merging IT devices with fashion.” said Menno van den Berg, Managing Director at Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V.


Gear S2 Goes Global with Circular Experience Zones


With a unique circular design, Gear S2 experience zones have sprung up in a total of 17 countries across the world. At these interactive locales, which have been established in cities such as New York, Dubai, London and San Paolo, visitors have the opportunity to try out the Gear S2 and Gear VR devices that are showcased on circular tables.


GearS2_GearVR _Event_Main_3


GearS2_GearVR _Event_Main_2


Virtually Courtside

In early October, Samsung hosted “Balls Don’t Lie” in Milan, Italy. At the event, basketball fans donned Level headphones as they watched their favorite NBA teams bring the action of the courts to Samsung’s SUHD TVs in real time.


The highlight of the event, however, was the Gear VR experience, which allowed attendees to get courtside access to the big game.


Luca Rossi, a sports enthusiast who tried out Samsung’s Gear VR first-hand stated, “I just wanted to watch the game since I love basketball, but I felt like I was actually playing the game. It was so vivid that I can’t explain. It was so real that I could turn around in a circle and see the entire venue, just as if I were really there.”


Hang Ten


Just about every surfing aficionado around the world has heard of Portugal’s Supertubos Beach, which made it the perfect location for a 4D surfing experience.


At the Moche Rip Curl Pro in October, participants were able to slip into Gear VR headsets and hop on surf boards.


GearS2_GearVR _Event_Main_4


“I can’t believe Samsung makes such a fun device!” exclaimed Pedro Guedes, an impressed participant, as he took off the headset. “I feel as if I just came back from surfing!”


Frederico Paiva of Samsung Electronics Portugal explained, “People will begin to see our products associated with sports more often in the future. We plan to carry out unprecedented marketing activities in an effort to bring consumers closer to Samsung.”



The Charm of the Circle


Moving away from the rectangular shape which has been so prevalent in technology in the past, the Gear S2 and Gear VR highlight the charm of the circle. These products promise satisfaction to consumers, not only in design but also functionality.


Created to display information in a circular design, the Gear S2 is appealing to the eye. The product is not only revolutionary in shape, but the functionality upgrade of the Gear S2—which is easily connected to other Android devices—has taken the world by storm. Similarly, the Gear VR, which places the user at the center of attention, is a product that is taking the mobile experience to the next level.


Both products beautifully demonstrate the power of the world’s most captivating shape and how it has inspired Samsung to lead the way in technological innovation across multiple industries and lifestyles.

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