Samsung introduces Look At Me App to Help Children with Autism Communicate Better

on December 23, 2014
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  • Samsung introduced Look At Me app, aiming to help develop communication skills in children with autism and deepen the relationships with those around them.



Samsung introduces Look At Me App to Help Children with Autism Communicate Better

Small scale clinical trial shows 60% improvement in ability to maintain eye contact with people


Samsung Electronics introduced its latest initiative to help improve the lives of those with autism. The Look At Me app aims to help develop communication skills in children with autism, with a view to deepening relationships with those around them.


It is well understood that many children with autism struggle to make and sustain eye contact with others, something that could affect them socially as they grow up. Studies have shown that children with autism like to interact with smart devices, so Samsung collaborated with doctors and professors from Seoul National University and Yonsei University to develop the Look At Me app and conducted joint clinical trial with 20 children for 8 weeks.


Through a smart device’s camera function, children can learn to read a person’s mood, remember faces and take photos of themselves exhibiting a range of emotions and different poses. Seven fun and interactive missions keep the children engaged, while a point system, various rewards and sound/visual effects keep them motivated to do better. Each mission takes about 15~20 minutes a day to complete.


Professor Kyong-Mee Chung at Yonsei University noted that “60% of the children tested showed improvement in making eye contact. They could also identify emotional expressions more easily. This app will help children with autism improve their perception and expression of diverse emotions, such as happiness, surprise and fear.”


“Over 60 million people are diagnosed with autism globally, and there is a lack of hospitals and readily-available facilities to treat them effectively. Treatment costs are also high and there are often long waiting times associated with the condition. Knowing that autistic children interact well with technology, we wondered if we could help in some way to support the development of their communication skills,” Chung Lyong Lee, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship Group at Samsung, “Look At Me is a light, fun and game-like app that parents can play with their children to get them accustomed to making eye contact and reading people’s emotions. We hope we can play a small part in improving the lives of children around the world.”


The inspiration for Look At Me came from Samsung’s Launching People Campaign that crowdsources the best ideas from around the world, to put technology to use to make the world a better place Look At Me was developed in collaboration with professor Hee-Jeong Yoo from Seoul National University Bundag Hospital and professor Kyong-Mee Chung and Sang-Chul Chong from Yonsei University Department of Psycology. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and is optimized for Samsung smart devices including Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Zoom 2, Galaxy Zoom and Galaxy Tab S.


Developed by Samsung along with a multidisciplinary team of clinical psychologists, cognitive psychologists and psychiatrists, the Look at Me interactive camera app can help children with autism improve their ability to make eye contact and interpret facial expressions.


The Samsung Look At Me app is available worldwide for free on Google Play. In partnership with Autism Speaks Canada, Samsung Canada is launching The Look At Me Project, a program that will donate 200 GALAXY Tab S devices preloaded with the app to 200 Canadian families living with autism. The Look at Me Project is designed to create a shared community to connect Canadian families with similar experiences.


For more information on the Canadian program or to apply to join, visit


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