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on October 23, 2012
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Samsung has a strong corporate responsibility to the communities we operate around the world. In search of “A Better Life”, Samsung makes three documentaries regarding Samsung CSR activities. One of these three documentaries is about Amazonas Sustainable Foundation in Brazil. Samsung has been supporting the livelihood of the native people residing in the Reservation Area of the Amazon without destruction of their ecosystem through Samsung CSR activities.

Brazil Amazon Community Center is an hour ferry ride from Manaus which is 4 hours away from San Paulo by airplane. This center is established last November and opened in June. In order to provide a better environment for the children living in the Amazon, Samsung built the Brazil Amazon Community Center which consists of schools, dormitories, health-care centers and scholarship committees in the forest. In addition, a public electric power supply was provided to the neighboring area. School children like Micaeli, who hopes to be a biologist someday, can use the technology center and library to further their studies.




Micaeli and her family live in small communities, fishing daily, hunting and relying on subsistence. They remain relatively isolated from the outside world. Micaeli told us how to catch a fish. She said it takes patience.





Then she talked about how computers and school that Samsung provided helped her to achieve her dream.


Samsung Electronics has supported conservation of the Amazonian ecosystem and protection for the indigenous population. Samsung Electronics also signed a joint declaration for a partnership with FAS (Fundação Amazônia Sustentável) for reducing deforestation and promoting forest conservation in the State of Amazon. As we said earlier, Samsung established Samsung Amazon State School to provide better education system to 1500 people in this indigenous community. Amazon State School provides elementary, secondary education and IT education. The students can access internet and enjoy watching movies at mini theater. Moreover, Samsung built dormitory buildings for students and teachers who are not able to commute to the school.


Samsung Amazon State School provides a great educational opportunity to the children and protects the Forest and indigenous area. In facts, many people in this community become slash-and-burn farmers to earn money. Throughout proper educational system, the Indio no longer has to burn down the Forest to earn money.

Community building projects like these rejuvenate Samsung’s commitment to the future. As a part of Samsung’s Hope for Children project, Samsung brings hope and dream to the children including Micaeli.


* Amazon Community Center in Brazil: Samsung CSR activities initiative leverages Samsung’s innovation and technology, which enabled the company to become a leader in the electronics industry, to build a better life for children. Samsung Amazon State School allows Samsung products to contribute to improving the education and health of children.


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