Samsung Launches 4-Door Flex Refrigerator, Bringing Personalization to the Kitchen Experience

Korea on March 11, 2021
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The new 4-Door Flex provides customizable features both inside and out, along with an upgraded Beverage Center™ and Dual Auto Ice Maker.
Modern built-in inspired design elevates the kitchen experience, enhancing home living

Samsung Electronics is bringing the 4-Door Flex refrigerator lineup to global markets. The latest range includes three models—Stainless Steel, Bespoke, and Family Hub™—serving as Samsung’s latest bid to cater to consumers in today’s unprecedented new norms. Initially unveiled at CES 2021 in January, the 4-Door Flex launch will first kick off in North America in March with the Bespoke model, followed by expansions1 into select markets in Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North African regions within the first half of this year.


Customization is key with the 4-Door Flex, offering flexible options for both its exterior and interior. It features a brand-new Beverage Center™, which gives quick access to the water dispenser and an automatically-filling water pitcher. It is also equipped with the Dual Auto Ice Maker, which consists of two separate ice makers that make regular Cubed Ice and smaller Ice Bites simultaneously to suit various preferences for cold beverages.


“Rethinking and optimizing spaces to promote conducive living environments has become one of our priorities to cater to shifting needs as the world adapts to new norms,” said Hyesoon Yang, Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Team, Digital Appliances, Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s new lineup of 4-Door Flex refrigerators delivers specialized solutions that can be tailored to individual lifestyles as consumers spend more time at home.”



Custom-Fit to Your Lifestyle

The new 4-Door Flex represents Samsung’s continuous commitment to pioneering new innovations, helping consumers achieve the lifestyles that they desire through flexible, personalized offerings. The full 4-Door Flex lineup delivers several layers of personalization, including:


  • Changeable Exterior
    Homeowners can put their personal stamp on their kitchen style through the creative use of materials and colors. The Bespoke version of the 4-Door Flex offers color and texture customization with interchangeable door panels that come with a wide range of colors and finishes.
  • Flexible Interior Storage
    Interior customization is possible with all 4-Door Flex models thanks to its flexible shelving and drawer configuration which helps keep different foods fresh by creating optimal conditions. The 4-Door Flex includes Samsung’s signature Flex Zone, an independently controlled compartment that can quickly convert from a fridge to a freezer, able to store a wide range of items using five pre-set temperature modes. All versions of the fridge are also equipped with a Flex Crisper™ drawer, perfect for fresh produce or meat and fish, along with a Crisper+™ drawer which ensures fruit and vegetable retain moisture.
  • User-Preference Driven Recommendations
    The Family Hub™ version delivers the benefits of software customization thanks to its AI-powered services that upgrade living experiences for families. Get recommendations on family meals with the automatic Meal Planner, stay up-to-date with the lifespan of your produce, generate shopping lists for ingredients, and order groceries straight from the Family Hub™ screen.



Enhanced Freshness and Performance

The 4-Door Flex offers various conveniences, including quick and easy access to refreshingly cold water. The Beverage Center™ is inside the fridge, keeping the water dispenser nozzle less exposed to air, reducing the risk of contamination. Additional features also ensure your fridge items stay cool, last longer and taste their best.


  • Dual Auto Ice Maker
    The Dual Auto Ice Maker makes regular cubed ice and Ice Bites in two separate ice makers. Ice Bites are smaller and can chill drinks much faster—great for families with children. The dual ice maker makes up to 6.17lbs of ice a day, and stores up to 9lbs2.
  • Autofill Water Pitcher 
    The Autofill Water Pitcher automatically fills up with purified water, which can be infused with fruits and herbs, so it’s ready to serve instantly.
  • Water Dispenser
    The Water Dispenser features a stainless-steel nozzle that is detachable for easy washing.
  • UV Deodorizing Filter™
    The new built-in deodorizing filter reduces odors caused by bacteria from the air in your fridge with UV technology that continuously cleans the filter.
  • Superior Cooling Performance
    Keep food fresher for longer and preserve its natural flavor and taste. A Triple Cooling system independently supplies cool air to three compartments in the fridge and freezer using three dedicated coolers. The system controls the temperature and humidity in each compartment to create optimal storage conditions and prevents odors from mixing. Precise Cooling also minimizes any temperature fluctuation to just ±0.5°C to preserve the quality and texture of fresh food and prevent the effects of freezer burn. Food is kept fresh, even if the fridge door is opened frequently. And with Metal Cooling, the fridge’s metal plate in the rear wall helps maintain the optimal internal temperature by retaining the cold and preventing the loss of cool air whenever the door is open.



Timeless Design

The 4-Door Flex blends effortlessly into existing kitchen designs, with its sleek contemporary lines, flat-panel design as well as thoughtfully hidden handles and water dispenser. Meanwhile, the 4-Door Flex Family Hub™ version also features an upgraded UI, contributing to the unit’s overall design.


The Family Hub™ features a digital frame that allows users to display artwork of their choosing from a curated selection. It also offers an array of screen views to harmonize with the refrigerator and kitchen décor, including the Family Board, Family Hub’s digital interface that features analog aspects for users.


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1 The Family Hub model will only be launching in North America, Latin America, Europe, Southeast and Southwest Asia.

2 The 9lbs of ice storage is based on the Regular Depth standard.

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