Samsung Launches Project PRISM With Customizable BESPOKE

on June 5, 2019
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Samsung Electronics’ Project PRISM, recently launched in Korea, features home appliances that can fit into any lifestyle by allowing customers the ability to personalize the materials, colors, shapes and designs of the products.




Launching PRISM

On June 4th, Samsung Electronics held a launch event to introduce Project PRISM at the Samsung Digital Plaza in Gangnam, Seoul. From the product displays to the café to the experience zone, the event held at Digital Plaza was more than just a showroom; it was a digital playground where visitors were able to explore the different types of customization offered.



The welcoming speech at the event was given by Samsung Electronics’ President and CEO of Consumer Electronics Division, Hyun Suk Kim. “There is a growing trend across this generation, especially among millennials, that sees us valuing personal tastes and experiences foremost,” noted Kim. “With Project PRISM, we are reflecting this trend, and hope that Samsung can become a prism-like medium, able to reflect each and every colorful consumer lifestyle.”


Kim also introduced the driving ideas behind Project PRISM and its first customizable product, BESPOKE. Project PRISM’s philosophy is that only when truly reflecting a consumer’s lifestyle can a home appliance fit seamlessly into their lives – and BESPOKE marks the start of this process.”



Samsung’s First Customizable Refrigerator: BESPOKE

In order to bring about this new era of customized home appliances, Samsung has introduced BESPOKE, its latest refrigerator first showcased at the Samsung Digital Plaza event. The name itself has a clever double meaning, playing on the word for ‘custom-made’ and a combination of ‘be’ and ‘spoke’, highlighting the role the voice of the user has in its creation.



With the BESPOKE refrigerator, customers can customize their own configurations of material, color, sizing and other feature choices. Able to fit naturally into whatever home space the customer has available, the BESPOKE refrigerator comes in 8 sizes; 4-door freestanding, 4-door “kitchen fit”, 2-door BMF (upper refrigerator and lower freezer), 1-door refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door freezer (24 inches), 1-door kimchi refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door (alternating temperature, 18 inches) and kimchi plus.


With a BESPOKE refrigerator, customers can choose their preferred color from a 9-strong color range that includes navy blue, mint, pink and coral. Able to fit in seamlessly with any home interior styling, BESPOKE also features three different refrigerator door texture options.


At the launch event, visitors experienced six different lifestyle scenarios, from a one-person household to a double income family household, witnessing firsthand how the BESPOKE refrigerator could easily be adapted for any lifestyle.






The BESPOKE refrigerator is the first product in Project PRISM that, by encouraging customers to think outside of the box, is set to take home appliances to the next level and beyond their traditional spaces within the home.

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