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Samsung Nanum Village is an initiative that targets low-income, underprivileged areas

on August 26, 2014

Oh, you’ve never heard the word ‘Nanum’ before?


Nanum means sharing in Korean, so the literal translation of Nanum Village would be ‘sharing village’. The Samsung Nanum village is one of Samsung many corporate citizenship initiatives that targets low-income, underprivileged areas.


Since many low-income, underprivileged areas have multi-faceted problems such as clean water, sanitary, education and more, they need ‘comprehensive’ solutions. The Nanum Village addresses the cause of poverty and lays the foundation for economic independence by providing a ‘comprehensive infrastructure’ needed for living, such as schools and medical facilities. Nanum Villages are cropping up all over the world.


Under the initiative, Samsung has established its first ‘Digital Villages’ in South Africa which integrate African communities’ hospitals, schools, lighting systems and energy infrastructure using solar power. By the end of the year, Samsung has plans to implement 3 more Digital Villages over Gabon, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of the Congo.


Samsung Digital Villages


Moreover, in the Gran Chaco region of Argentina, Samsung has established infrastructural supports such as Smart School and new community center. In Vietnam, Samsung is planning to implement a new community center, public health center and three new schools by the end of the year.


The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to help the area resolve poverty and promote economic independence. Samsung is there to provide the necessary infrastructure so that the local communities can create economic value independently. Therefore, it is important that the local communities manage the infrastructure and run the right system to make these solutions sustainable. Samsung emphasizes that this is not just a one-time and done kind of initiative.


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Samsung is planning to expand these programs across countries in collaboration with governments and international organizations. Creating a value that is mutually beneficial always has been a very important part of Samsung’s business philosophy. We hope to see many more of these social initiatives such as Nanum Villages, Solve for Tomorrow, Samsung Smart School, and Samsung Tech Institute In the end, we all live in the same world, and we are connected to each other more than ever.  



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