Samsung NC220, World’s First zero client “Cloud Computing” Monitor

on August 9, 2011
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Many companies dream of faster, more efficient servers, that save space and energy. Samsung, staying on top of business trends, is excited to present the world’s first zero-client “cloud computing” monitor, where any computer connected to the ‘Cloud’ has the power to access applications and files, has grown exponentially in recent years and months, and is likely the next frontier of the Internet.



Samsung recently launched the first cloud computing laptop, the Samsung Chromebook Series 5. Now, at last month’s Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the NC220 Monitor, the world’s first zero-client monitor which uses Cisco Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) technology. This product gathered a lot of eyes, not only because it was on the showcase of the world’s leader in monitors, but also because of the innovative technology and the promises it brings.



“Samsung and Cisco are leading the way in transforming enterprise workspaces. Now every workstation can leverage the power and speed of the company’s centralized server, while reducing energy costs and creating a more beautiful, less cluttered environment.”

– Jeong-Hwan Kim, Senior Vice President, Display Sales & Marketing

Imagine a cleaner more-efficient workspace… ahh, wouldn’t mind getting rid of some of the wires here on my desk right now. The Samsung NC220 monitor with Cisco UPOE powers connects individual monitors via the network to a “virtualized” central server that executes all typical tasks and applications, offering businesses a clutter-free workspace, increased efficiency, and improved information security.


Cleaner desks

Zero client server-based monitors like the Samsung NC220 eliminate the need for local CPU, memory and storage at each individual workstation; instead, the monitor is connected via the network to a central server that executes tasks traditionally handled by a desktop PC. The Cisco UPOE technology enables both data and power to be supplied through a single Ethernet cable, allowing for easier installation and more flexibility when configuring an office space. You can still do all the work and access all the files and applications you’re used to – you can just do it without the bulky components you probably have on your desk right now.


Greener offices

Save time and money while helping the planet, and look great doing it. The ultra-slim 22-inch monitor boasts an eco-friendly design and new LED BLU technology, providing super-bright and extra-clear images. This LED BLU technology is also dramatically more energy-efficient than conventional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) monitors. Speaking of energy-efficiency, the addition of Cisco UPOE increases flexibility and choice for businesses by extending network power resiliency, at dramatically reduced costs compared to traditional power infrastructure. Cisco UPOE can supply up to 60 watts of power—twice as much as existing POE (Power-over-Ethernet) technologies, which is currently restricted to 30 watts. UPOE technology can also save up to 65% of electricity compared to POE. And as if that wasn’t enough, businesses can choose to take advantage of Cisco’s EnergyWise to keep an eye on and manage the power consumption of its IT devices which are connected to their Cisco network. All that while improving productivity? Sure! Security and software updates can be deployed from a centralized location, so that employee workstations do not require time-intensive individualized service.


Safer data management

Hardware malfunctions? CPU meltdowns? Rest assured that your information will be safe, secure, and easily accessible. Data backup is a breeze, and you can let others worry about threats such as viruses and accidental data loss. Additional memory devices, and the potential problems they bring, are no longer needed. Information is securely stored in the cloud. As with everything Samsung does, the focus is not only on making your life easier, but on a quality product as well.


Additional features, such as a built-in speaker, 4 USB ports, and an external POE adaptor make the NC220 a powerhouse of efficiency, safety, and convenience.


Main features of NC220(UPOE)
– 22 inch 16:10 LED
– Platform(PCoIP): Graphic Decoder
– External POE Adaptor
– 4 USB
– Internal Speaker
– Power Consumption: Max 51W/Typical 38W, standby power under 2.7W
– 508X515X216mm(include stand)


So there you have it, the Samsung NC220 – making your life easier, your workspace cleaner, and your enterprise more efficient.


“Cisco UPOE doubles the amount power delivered over the Ethernet to support many more devices, including the Samsung zero client desktop virtualization devices. Now the same Ethernet cable that provides network access will power Samsung’s industry leading virtual desktop devices—dramatically simplifying deployment and management of these devices.”

– Jeff Reed, Vice President, Cisco’s Unified Access Business Unit

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