Samsung NX asks, What Matters Most to you?

on October 15, 2014
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Why do we share photos?


If you think about it, you might reach the conclusion that we take photos and share them because the moment is meaningful to us. Isn’t that the basis of photography? However, since ‘sharing and liking’ photos online has become such an observable behavior, many often seem to capture moments to have a moment, not because the moment itself is meaningful to us.


So, to take a moment to get back to basics, Samsung launched the What Matters Most’ campaign on October 13th for the NX camera online community! Basically,if you use any style of NX camera, this campaign is for you. Here’s what it’s all about.


What Matters Most campaign


First, we should define what ‘What Matters Most’ is. The campaign describes it as ‘what lasts longest as the meaningful moment.’ Therefore, if you take photo of a moment that you, and only you, really care about we think it is worth a share.


To give you a better idea of how this is done, Samsung is collaborating with Alex Webb, a professional photographer associated with Magnum Photos, and he primarily works in color, has published 11 books, and has contributed to various influential magazines.


Samsung is also working with 11 other photographers, including Ali Jardine, Altug Galip, Chris Ozer, Dave Engledow, Elena Kalis, Halno, KD Kupier, Louis Cole Mike Kus, Simone Bramante and Theron Humphrey. Check out some of their work below.


Altug Galip

Watching a caretta caretta struggling out of the nest and making its way into the sea. Embracing the ocean matters most to me. (by Altug Galip)



Ali Jardine

There is nothing more important to me than spending time with my family. With everything going on in our busy lives, time matters most. (by Ali Jardine)

Mike Kus

Theo having fun in the surf. Beach days matter most to me. (by Make Kus) 

Elena Kalis

▲ Plunge boldly into the thick of life, and seize it where you will, it is always interesting (Goete).

The air, water, and light that is life matters most to me. (by Elena Kalis)

KD Kuiper

▲ Sitting and watching the waves crash against the shore as the sun sets.  The ocean matters most to me. (by KD Kuiper)

Dave Engledow

▲ Making the most of a rainy day. Spending quality time with Alice Bee matters most to me.

(by Dave Engledow)

Theron Humphrey

▲ Found treasure off the paved road! Def the best #solotree I’ve come across on my travels. Finding these backroads matters most to me. (by Theron Humphrey)

Chris Ozer

▲ Hanging out at the playground.  Simple moments together matter most to me. (by Chris Ozer)

Simone Bramante

▲ On my recent trip to Italy. Touching the magnificence of the Mediterranean matters most to me. (by Simone Bramante)

Louis Cole

▲ It’s that time of the day! Good coffee matters most to me. (by Louis Cole)


▲ Who says people can’t fly? Think again. Endless possibilities matter most to me. (by Halno)


As we said, these photographers are participating to share their thoughts on what matter most to them, which will be showcased at regularly. We know that you probably have different take on what matters most. So share it with us.


When you upload your photo, either on Instagram or twitter, use the hashtag #mattersmostNX to participate in the campaign.


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