Samsung Partners with Golden State Warriors to Install NBA’s Largest Centerhung LED Scoreboard at Chase Center

on October 6, 2019
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Today, Samsung Electronics America helps the Golden State Warriors tip off the 2019-20 NBA season with a partnership that is revitalizing sports venues. Basketball’s newest arena, Chase Center, is a world-class sports and entertainment venue providing incredible fan experiences including more than 64 LED video displays including the largest centerhung video display in the NBA.


“Samsung is committed to changing the way fans experience live events through technology,” said Harry Patz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, B2B Enterprise Display Division, Samsung Electronics America. “Our product portfolio lends itself to seamless integration in a variety of industries, including sports applications, and in this case outfitting Chase Center with our displays. We are proud to partner with the Golden State Warriors, an organization that shares the same passion and commitment to delivering unforgettable experiences to their customers.”


“A project of this size and scope doesn’t happen overnight. It took years of planning and working side-by-side with the Warriors organization to ensure that the centerhung structure and LED video displays met all of the weight and engineering requirements to deliver an amazing experience,” said Don Szczepaniak, CEO of PRISMVIEW, A Samsung Electronics Company. “From the stunning outdoor LED Video Displays in the Plaza, to the massive centerhung the Chase Center is a world-class venue. It was an exciting challenge for us. We are very proud and grateful to be a part of this cutting-edge new venue.”


Samsung LED technologies showcase a detailed and realistic picture, ensuring each fan is immersed in the action every seat.  The new Warriors centerhung main videoboard adds up to a massive 9,699 square feet of active video display, making it the largest LED video display centerhung installed in a sports arena. The centerhung integrates 15 displays varying from 6.7mm pixel pitch on the main displays and upper halo ring, to 4mm pixel pitch on the underbelly displays, amassing a total of more than 26.3 million individual LEDs.


“Our fans are some of the most knowledgeable fans in sports and as we had the opportunity to build a new arena we knew our scoreboard would be key in the overall fan experience at Chase Center,” said Warriors President and Chief Operating Officer Rick Welts. “In addition to having the most square footage of surface LED space in the NBA, the capabilities are endless – providing fans everything they need to follow the game including rich content, expanded stat categories, the ability to show stats for every player on the team at the same time, a real-time shot chart and much more.”


To elevate the fan experience further, Samsung and the Warriors stepped outside the arena to install the first-ever full outdoor LED display in San Francisco. Fastened to the outer wall of Chase Center’s west entrance, the vibrant display provides a preview of the technology that can be experienced inside. The superior image quality of Samsung’s 10mm LED video display is second-to-none. The displays are built to withstand any environmental elements.


In addition to the ground-breaking centerhung and outdoor LED displays, Samsung LED technologies can be found throughout the venue, adding up to a noteworthy 53.6 million individual LED pixels.



Chase Center Digital Signage:


  • Seating Bowl, West Vomitorium, Club Displays (5) – 10mm – 4ft-3in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Lower Bowl, East and West Vomitorium, Courtside Lounge Bulkhead Displays (4) – 10mm – 3ft-11in wide x 2ft-3in high
  • Lower Bowl, West Vomitorium, Courtside Club Displays (4) – 10mm – 9ft-9-3in wide x 2ft-3in high
  • Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 5ft-6in wide x 2ft-2ft high
  • Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 16ft-4in wide x 2ft-2ft high
  • Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 16ft-4in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 5ft-5in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Main Concourse, North Vomitorium, Lower Extension Bulkhead Center Display (1) – 10mm – 15ft-2in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Main Concourse, North Vomitorium, Lower Extension Bulkhead Side Displays (2) – 10mm – 15ft-2in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Seating Bowl, End Bowl Sponsor Displays (2) – 10mm – 31ft-5in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Seating Bowl, Upper Wall Corner Displays (4) – 10mm – 10ft-10in wide x 2ft-2in high
  • Suite Level, Fascia Display (1) – 10mm – 711ft wide x 2ft-6in high
  • Upper Suite – 400 Level, Fascia Display (1) – 10mm – 631ft-11in wide x 2ft-6in high
  • Upper Concourse, Bridge Display (1) – 10mm – 128ft-11in wide x 4ft in high
  • Scorer’s Table Displays (4) – 24ft wide x 4ft high
  • Basketball Goal, Stanchion Displays (4) – 46in wide x 12in high
  • Theatre, North Facing Displays (2) – 10mm – 30ft wide x 7ft-10in high
  • Theatre, South Facing Displays (2) – 10mm – 30ft wide x 7ft-10in high
  • Theatre, Halo East Facing Display (1) – 10mm – 80ft wide x 7ft-10in high
  • Theatre, Halo East Facing Display (1) – 10mm – 80ft wide x 7ft-10in high
  • Post-Game Interview Room Display (1) – 22ft wide x 8ft-10in high
  • Main Concourse, Lobby Display (1) – 33ft wide x 7ft-1in high
  • Plaza Entrance Display (1) – 10mm – 74ft wide x 42ft high
  • Theatre Entrance Display (1) – 10mm – 141ft wide x 2.7ft high
  • Gatehouse, Ribbon Display (1) – 10mm – 100ft wide x 3ft high
  • Ticket Window Displays (1) – 5mm – 20in wide x 5in high
  • Locker Room Game Clocks (38) – 20in wide x 8in high
  • Fixed Digit Scoreboards (4) – 6ft wide x 3ft-6in high
  • Samsung SMART Signage Professional Displays (1,100)



Chase Center Centerhung:

  • Centerhung Outside, Side Displays (2) – 6.7mm – 57ft-4.5in wide x 34ft-9in high
  • Centerhung Outside, End Displays (2) – 6.7mm – 27ft-4.5in wide x 34ft-9in high
  • Centerhung Outside, Corner Displays (4) – 6.7mm – 9ft-3in to 3ft-8in wide x 34ft-7.5in high
  • Centerhung Inside, Side Displays (2) – 4mm – 24ft-6in wide x 13ft-10.75in high
  • Centerhung Inside, Wing Displays (2) – 4mm – 10-7.75in wide x 6ft-1.25in high
  • Centerhung Inside, End Displays (2) – 4mm – 20ft-2.125in wide x 7ft high
  • Centerhung Outside, Upper Ring Halo Display (1) – 6.7mm – 236ft-8in wide x 8ft-6.25in high
  • Centerhung Outside, Chase Center Channel Letter Signage



PRISMVIEW, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics America, was responsible for the design, supply, manufacturing and installation of the project.


Samsung has deployed thousands of displays worldwide, including some of the largest, most complex and recognizable LED video displays installations in the world, including: M&T Bank Stadium, Rogers Place, State Farm Arena, Vivint Smart Home Arena and Spectrum Center. Further Samsung has installed multiple high-profile displays, including those along the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and throughout Times Square in New York City, including the recent renovation of One Times Square.


Samsung Electronics has maintained its position as the No. 1 worldwide leader in digital signage as measured by unit sales for the 10th consecutive year. Recently released data from IHS Markit, the leading provider of digital signage market data, identified Samsung as the top selling brand in the industry since 2009. According to the IHS Technology report “Public Display Market Tracker,” Samsung accounted for 25.8% of the global market share for digital signage unit sales in 2018. Samsung offers technology that fulfills the increasing demands of today’s businesses, provides the opportunity to transform workspaces and create new, immersive experiences for customers.

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