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Samsung Ranks 11th on Interbrand’s 50 Best Global Green Brands

on June 27, 2014

Last September, Interbrand ranked Samsung as 8th best on its list of Best Global Brands 2013. While Interbrand estimated that average increase in brand value of the top 100 global brands was between 8% and 15% among IT corporations, Samsung improved its brand value by 20.4%, which worth a total of 39.6 billion. Considering the scope of research Interbrand needs to do, it is not surprising that it is known as the world’s leading brand consultancy.


Recently, Interbrand announced its 4th list of 50 Best Global Green Brands report, which examines how consumers think about the actual quality and effectiveness of brands’ eco-friendly activity and corporate citizenship. This report is based on extensive consumer research and environmental or sustainability performance data analysis. This year’s report also examines how engaged each member of the organization is to its sustainability philosophy.


We are pleased to announce that this year Samsung ranked 11th on the 50 Best Global Green Brands report. 


This is number is quite significant, because, first, it is an improvement from last year (when Samsung was ranked 16th). From its eco-friendly packaging to establishing E-waste recycling program and solar powered Digital Villages in Africa, Samsung has been very active with its environmentally-conscious business practices. The ranking shows that consumers have recognized Samsung’s continuing commitment to act responsibly and friendly to the environment.



▲Since last February, Samsung has been using boxes made with 100% recyclable eco-friendly paper and eco-friendly soy oil ink for TVs


The list also measures the gap that exists between a brand’s environmental performance and consumers’ perceptions of that performance. If the gap is positive, it means that brand’s performance is actually higher than what consumers perceive it to be and vice versa. While the average gap was 3.304*, Samsung scored +8.3. Therefore, it was estimated that Samsung’s environmental performance is better than what people think it is.



▲Solar-powered internet school improves the accessibility to education in African rural areas.


All in all, it is vital for brands to practice environmentally-friendly business models, especially when the demand for a sustainable future is growing. It is important for brands to continue to keep up their eco-friendly efforts, but it is also important for all of the members of the organization to participate and take the corporate citizenship to a new level. As for Samsung, we can surely count on them not only to play the right part in the society, but play a major role in the green movement.



*The number was calculated based on the report. Please let us know if there are other figures to take into account, please let us know. 



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