Samsung Reimagines Air Conditioner Design with New Triangle Body

on October 7, 2013
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Samsung Electronics announced the launch of the new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK) engineered to deliver exceptional cooling, comfort and health benefits with a striking triangle body design. This innovative design allows for a larger inlet port, wider blade and bigger fans while maintaining a compact exterior profile.


new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK)


“R&D and design play a key role in how we develop our products as we’re always focused on improving our customers’ day to day experience with technology,” said Mr. BK Yoon, CEO and President of Consumer Electronics Business at Samsung Electronics. “We’re especially proud when we are able to create products that address future needs, those that the consumer isn’t even fully aware of, such as what we have been able to achieve with this new air conditioner.

new air conditioner_BK Yoon

The new air conditioner combines design innovation with advances in technology to deliver optimal cooling performance. This holistic approach to product design has resulted in increased power efficiency and an abundance of smart features that enhance the air conditioning experience.


Design that Changes the Flow


new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK)

Thanks to Samsung’s innovative triangle design, the new air conditioner offers longer, larger and faster airflow. The enlarged inlet port increases air intake by up to 39 percent while the wider front blade ensures powerful airflow. In addition, the bigger inner fan delivers cool air reaching up to 14 meters.


Smart Inverter Compressor


The new air conditioner’s Smart Inverter Compressor cools 25 percent more quickly than conventional air conditioning systems.


Once the room has reached the desired temperature, the air conditioner automatically transitions to keep the room at a comfortable, cool temperature using indirect airflow, minimum fan speed and a dehumidification feature.


Capacity Control for Effective Use of Energy


new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK)


Energy efficiency is a key purchasing decision for consumers. The new air conditioner’s capacity control allows the user to select certain modes dependent on whether the air conditioner is cooling a single person or a crowded room. This innovative approach, exclusive to Samsung, improves energy efficiency and lowers potential environmental impact.


“Full” mode is perfect for when there are many people in the room or during hotter seasonal temperatures.

Single user mode is designed for times when a large area does not need to be cooled, when there are only one or few people at home, or when temperatures are more moderate.


These two modes result in lower accumulated power use over time when compared to conventional home A/C systems.


Air Quality Designed for the Family


new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK)


The new Samsung air conditioner features Samsung’s exclusive Virus Doctor that keeps families safe and comfortable through innovative air purifying technology that neutralizes harmful contaminants in the air. This includes bacteria that resist physical filtration, turning these contaminants into harmless water vapor.


Virus Doctor has received various accolades including a 2010 AHR Expo Innovation Award in the indoor air-quality category, a 1st Air Day Minister of the Environmental Award, and the Jang Young Sil Award.


The new air conditioner’s Easy Filter works in tandem with the Virus Doctor to save the user time and effort. The Easy Filter can be removed in a single step, unlike conventional A/C units that can often be cumbersome to clean. The Easy Filter also filters floating viruses, fungi and allergens to deliver better indoor air quality.


Stylish and Smart


new Samsung air conditioner (AR09HSSFAWK)


The exterior on the new air conditioner features a crystal gloss design technology, identical to that used on premium cars, for a sleek-looking appliance that complements any interior home design, while also providing the durability needed to last for many years.


For greater convenience, the new Samsung air conditioner operates seamlessly with Wi-Fi controls, allowing users to power the system on and off, set the temperature and select modes from inside or outside the home.


Through the system’s accompanying smart phone application, users can cool a room remotely and simply turn off the unit with a single swipe when leaving the house. Additionally, the air conditioner is able to communicate operational time and electricity usage as well as providing filter cleaning reminders. The unit even remembers preferred operational settings and cooling preferences.


Additionally, the new Samsung air conditioner can be easily installed and automatically checks refrigerant flow and quantity, to ensure there is no leakage. After the unit has been installed, it checks both indoor and outdoor conditions, checking to see if everything is in order to keep users safe from any potential harmful chemicals.


The system has also been designed for safe, longtime use in the home. Should any error arise, the system will communicate via Wi-Fi to provide error information and the appropriate service center call number. This means that users do not have to troubleshoot on their own, delivering more peace of mind and added convenience.



*All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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