Samsung Releases Smart TV SDK 5.0

on December 26, 2013
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  •  New Smart TV SDK 5.0 enables easier and faster app development with features, such as Multi-Screen and browser-based IDE.
  • The SDK 5.0 will allow users to control their home appliances from any Samsung Smart TV.
  • The new Smart TV SDK allows developers to use HTML 5 standards
  • Samsung is the first company in the Smart TV sector to use PNaCL technology.

Samsung Releases Smart TV SDK 5.0 to the Developer Community


Samsung Electronics introduced the Smart TV Software Development Kit (SDK) 5.0, which will provide developers with the tools they need to build applications for the Smart TV platform.

Samsung’s new Smart TV SDK has expanded available platforms for easier app development and its functions have been dramatically improved to enhance apps’ usability and performance. The SDK 5.0 is compatible with more devices than its predecessor and will enable consumers to control their home appliances – including lighting, air-conditioning and refrigerators – by using Samsung’s Smart TV application.

“With membership and SDK downloads increasing yearly, the Samsung Development Forum website is becoming one of the world’s largest TV app developer communities,” said YoungKi Byun, Vice President of Software Research & Development Team, Samsung Electronics. “We plan to provide more various platforms and improve a development environment to expand the Smart TV app ecosystem.”

The new SDK version was thereby designed to meet the demands of Samsung’s developer community to expand the number of compatible devices. In doing so, Samsung is working to build a richer app ecosystem.

One of the exceptional features of the Samsung’s new Smart TV SDK is a Web UI Framework for the Samsung Smart TV Caph (Beta Cassiopeia). Thanks to this new framework, developers can use HTML 5 standards – to more easily create new apps by using increasingly sophisticated animation effects and design. Samsung is also the first company in the Smart TV sector to use PNaCL technology, which allows developers to provide apps through various Smart TV models without having to worry about compatibility.

Furthermore, Samsung has enhanced the features of the previous SDK model, including Multi-Screen and browser-based IDE. Multi-Screen now enables the app to be used on both TV and mobile devices and the browser-based IDE further aids app development by allowing developers to work within the web browser without the need for a separate tool.

The SDK 5.0 can be downloaded at the Samsung Developers Forum website, from January 6, 2014.  

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