Samsung Reveals Thinking Behind New Galaxy S6 edge

on March 10, 2015
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Answering phone calls, texting, or simply glancing at your smartphone screen in a social situation is impolite. That is according to Samsung research, which led to the design of a brand new feature in Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 edge.


More than three quarters (76%) of smartphone users believe it is rude to check mobile phones during a conversation. However, the research also shows that consumers want to connect more with the people they care about most. Seven out of ten (71%) smartphone users say they want a better way for loved ones to contact them in an urgent situation.


The research was conducted by Samsung’s global network of product innovation teams, which are spread across the world and act as in-house incubators to develop market-driven technologies and innovation.


Samsung’s European Head of Innovation, Lysa Clavenna said: “Our research demonstrated that more than three quarters of consumers think it is inappropriate to be constantly checking mobile phones during conversations with friends and loved ones. This is in line with the fact that many people wish they could put their phones away during social situations but also stay available to the people who matter most, especially in case of exceptional circumstances.


“When in a social situation and waiting for an important call, you will find that people often feel the need to apologise in advance and explain that they may need to take the call. We found people often address this issue by placing their mobiles face-down on the table. Interestingly, almost two thirds (64%) of the smartphone users that we studied wished there was a way of differentiating urgent calls from others.”


People edge


These insights were used to develop a key feature in Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6 edge, called ‘People edge’.


The Galaxy S6 edge features unique curved dual glass edges, which allow consumers to view incoming calls discreetly, when the phone is turned facedown. This means users can stay connected without disconnecting from the world around them. People edge is a simple and easy way to register up to five people and assign individual colours to an always visible and accessible bar on the edge screen.


Lysa Clavenna said: “Interestingly, we found that colour association with these favourite people increases emotional connection and a feeling of closeness.”


By touching the heart rate sensor on the reverse of the smartphone, users can reject incoming calls automatically and send a default or customisable text message to notify the caller that they have seen the communication, without committing any mobile faux pas.




The research above was conducted in the UK, Germany, France, USA and South Korea with a total sample of 1217.

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