Samsung Showcases a Total Diagnostic Solution for Women’s Health at the 26th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Italy on September 26, 2016
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Samsung Medison, a global medical equipment company and an affiliate of Samsung Electronics, showcases a total diagnostic solution for women and new features at the 26th World Congress on Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology, being held in Rome, Italy from September 25 to 28. Samsung will also be hosting an extensive program of seminars and live sessions on topics including the classification of ovarian tumors and fetal-maternal diagnostics.


“At this congress, Samsung is introducing a comprehensive diagnostic solution for women from family-planning to cancer screening, helping accurate diagnosis for health issues that women may experience throughout their lifetime,” said Dongsoo Jun, President of Health & Medical Equipment Business of Samsung Electronics and CEO of Samsung Medison. “Samsung is committed to creating solutions that provide clinicians with better imaging and help them make better management decisions for their patients. We see our collaboration with the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology as integral to this.”



The key highlights at the congress include:


Total Solution for Women’s Health


  • Crystal Clear — Defining women’s lifetime diagnostic challenges into four repetitive categories from family-planning, healthy pregnancy, healthy birth to Gynecology & breast health, Crystal Clear is Samsung’s comprehensive ultrasound imaging solution that provides continuous diagnostic tools designed for each stage. With one Samsung ultrasound system, clinicians can provide proper diagnosis to any Obstetrics and Gynecology patients.



Combining Intelligence and Imaging by Incorporating Decision Support Tool


  • IOTA-ADNEX — In collaboration with the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis (IOTA) group, Samsung has incorporated the ADNEX (Assessment of Different NEoplasias in the adneXa) decision support tool for the classification of ovarian tumors into the ultrasound system. The ADNEX model not only accurately classifies ovarian masses as benign or malignant, but also sub-classifies malignancies giving the opportunity for more nuanced management decisions. Once the straightforward ultrasound variables have been entered into the model, ADNEX automatically gives a graphical representation of the risks of ovarian cancer to the clinician, enabling instant feedback to the patient.


At the Samsung IOTA Symposium on the 25th, Prof. Tom Bourne, from Imperial College London and a member of the steering committee of the IOTA group said, “The ADNEX model is based on data from over 5,900 women from 24 centers in ten different countries. It is a decision support tool that has both a high sensitivity and specificity for ovarian cancer, but can also sub-classify malignancies to help personalize management for patients. Integrating the model into the ultrasound machine makes it easy to use and in effect builds intelligence into the machine.”



Advanced Visualization of Fetus Anatomy


  • Crystal Vue Flow™ — Samsung also introduced new Crystal Vue Flow™, by adopting Crystal Vue™ which is an advanced 3D volume rendering technology and featured on the front cover of the Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology (UOG) journal in March 2016. In addition to innovative volume rendering technology, it now adds flow information that shows vascular structures with increased depth perception and demonstrates vessels in different imaging planes.

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Prof. Christoph Lees, visiting Professor at KU Leuven, Belgium and Reader in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine at Imperial College in the U.K., said, “For visualization of fetus, evaluation of fetal face and CNS, we found that Crystal Vue™ may provide more anatomical information the conventional 2D or 3D ultrasound can give imaging comparable to MRI,” adding, “Crystal Vue Flow™ combines morphological information with hemodynamic flow, and allows a deeper understanding of fetal vascular anatomical variants and neighboring vessels, particularly valuable in our experience for morbidly adherent placenta.”


With a complete package of women’s health diagnostic tools including IOTA-ADNEX and Crystal Vue Flow™, Samsung will launch the WS80A with Elite containing these features from later this year.


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