Samsung Showcases Healthcare Solutions at IFA 2014

on September 10, 2014
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One cannot talk about quality of life without talking about healthcare. As more parts of our lives are becoming digitized, healthcare institutions are also integrating technologies to digitize their environment and improve service quality. Especially, since the healthcare paradigm is shifting from acute care to chronic care as non-communicable and lifestyle disease like diabetes and cancer continue to serge, it is becoming more important for healthcare institutions to utlize advanced healthcare technologies.


At the B2B zone in the Samsung booth IFA 2014, Samsung is displaying its healthcare solutions to facilitate healthcare institutions to transform their facilities with tools that can elevate patient healthcare. Here are some examples.


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Let’s start from the beginning. The first few moments in the ambulance are critical to patients’ well-being. Therefore, it is important for the emergency medical staff to diagnose the condition and act as quickly as possible, especially in critical situations. 


With Samsung LABGEO, EMTs can check the patient’s condition on site and send test results from the IB 10 IVD directly to ER doctors’ LABGEO-installed mobile devices. Then the ER physicians can immediately prepare to administer appropriate treatment. This simplifies processes so that ambulatory staff can perform a maximum of three tests in 20 minutes for quick and accurate test results.


Obviously, the importance quick diagnostics continues in the doctors’ room. With Samsung In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD), doctors can obtain quick, accurate test results with a negligible blood sample in as little as 45 seconds. Its advanced, automated design increases exam efficiency for improved patient throughout.


As it is seen at IFA 2014, Samsung is able to offer other various medical equipments that can help doctors to diagnose and examine patients’ condition quicker and more accurately. For example, Samsung Digital Radiography systems allows radiographers to easily produce sharp X-ray images for quicker, more accurate decision making during exams. S-Vue imaging engine and S-Detector further support the exam process with vivid anatomical imagery and low radiation exposure.



There are much more to Samsung’s healthcare solutions. For example, we scratch the surface the equipment side of the Samsung’s healthcare solutions on this article. However, Samsung also offers various software solutions such as Samsung KNOX and wireless enterprise solutions for reliable Wi-Fi network connectivity. Read more about Samsung’s B2B solutions at



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