Samsung shows how Internet of Things can change your daily life at CES 2015

on January 7, 2015
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IoT_booth_info_global_mainBy now, we know the kind of commitment Samsung has for Internet of Things. The president and CEO of Samsung Electronics has said that the era of IoT has already begun and is not something in the distant future. Evidently, this ‘already happening’ IoT is being demonstrated at the Samsung booth at CES 2015. We took a quick tour of a scenario and felt compelled to share how Samsung thinks Internet of Things (IoT) could change your life. First, check out how it is being showcased at the Samsung booth.


Seeing the Internet of Things at Samsung Booth CES 2015




An old pipe on in your basement starts to leak. Your home detects it and notifies you that the washing machine is running and that is the reason of the leakage via smartphone. You turn off the washing machine that is causing the problem. Your smartphone also asks you if you want to call a plumber. But you decide to come home from work to fix it yourself.




As you arrive at home, an outdoor lamp turns on to light your path, and the front door unlocks as you approach the door. When you step inside the house, the lights turn on and the speakers (WAM6500) start playing MILK music that was playing on your phone.




After taking care of the problem, you decide to relax and watch some TV. You have your TV as loud as possible. You didn’t hear any knocking, but your Smart TV notifies and shows you that there is someone at your front door. You let him in with a simple tap on the Smart TV remote control.




The next morning, as you wake up, you speak into your Gear S and say “Good morning.” The lights are dimmed and your favorite music plays to help you wake up easily. Your room also broadcasts the day’s weather forecast and smart blinds slowly let the sunshine into your room. You start smelling the coffee, exactly the medium roast you like, and by the time you are out of the shower, it is ready.




You can also monitor how much energy your home is currently using, and how much energy your home has used during the last day, week, and month.


Samsung Smart TV app tells you about the morning traffic and basis status of your car such as battery level. You select today’s destination using the map on the app to send the information to your car.


You check out the TV to see a live-streaming feed coming from each of your smart cameras that you’ve placed around your home before you leave the home.


You say, “Pick me up’ to your Gear S. Your BMW i3 automatically turns on, releases itself from its automated inductive charging, and picks you up in the driveway.


As you step out of your house, you say “Goodbye.” The thermostat, the A/C unit and the lights turn off to save energy. Also the curtains/blinds cover the windows, and the robot vacuum starts sweeping up.


How it works


The key to all of these possibilities is the IoT based app and sensors. For example:

The built in GPS sensor in your smartphone triggers your smart home to activate when you arrive or leave home. You can control which action your home is going to take by a few simple taps in the SmartThings app for each situations.


It can also sense your presence even if you are not carrying a smartphone. SmartThings hub can sense the SmartSense Presence sensor on your key chain.


SmartSense Multi sensor can detect vibration, so if someone knocks, it will trigger the IP Cam at the door to turn on, and it’ll display directly on your Smart TV.


SmartSense Moisture sensor can detect the slightest amount of water. So when SmartSense Moisture is placed in a leakage-prone area such as in your basement or near your washing machine, it can notify you as soon as there is some kind of leakage and let you know about it via the SmartThings app.


Does all of this sound like something you could get used to? The Internet of Things is right around the corner! Stay tuned to our coverage of CES 2015 for more on the IoT.




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