Samsung Smart Camera MV900F: Beauty Strikes Back

on August 6, 2012
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Since the explosion of email and social networking, we share lots of our photos with friends and family online.  Of course, not every photo is perfect, so many people use Photoshop tools to make their photos look their best. However, if you’ve gone through the process of moving photos from your camera to your computer, editing them, then uploading and sharing them, then you know how complicated it can be.  Maybe it’s so annoying you don’t even bother to edit your photos in the first place!  Well, Samsung Smart Camera  MV900F will change all of that by helping you through the whole process.



First, this camera will help make sure your shots are as gorgeous as they can be with its 180 degree Flip-out Display, Gesture Shot feature, Low Light Shot feature, and 16.3M BSI CMOS Sensor.  Next, those photos can be instantly retouched on the camera itself using the 3.3” AMOLED Touch Screen, Beauty Palette, and Wi-Fi connectivity.  Let’s see what MV900F has got by checking out this link:



Ok, now that you’ve gotten the details on the specs, you probably are itching to try out how it really works.  Well, on Samsung Camera’s Facebook page ( you can see how the whole thing comes together.  This app is called ‘Beauty Strikes Back’ and if you “like” it, you can try some of the beauty functions of MV900F within a parody of the story of Snow White. You’ll star as one of the main actresses, the queen! You can select your Facebook friends to play some of the other characters, like Snow White and the seven dwarves. You’ll never guess what happens to the queen, so enjoy the short movie clip while you Photoshop your picture.



Samsung Smart Camera MV900F will simplify and beautify your life, and your friends and family will definitely appreciate all the picture-perfect shots you share of them!


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