Samsung Technology Brings Light to Oroma, Ethiopia

on March 15, 2012
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On Feb 20th, in cooperation with Korea International Volunteer Organization (KVO), Samsung electronics brought solar-powered LED lanterns to 1,000 homes in a remote village in Oroma, Ethiopia.



As a part of the Hope for Children campaign, the program utilizes long lasting and efficient light emitting diode (LED) light-bulbs that can be last up to ten years. Along with the LED lanterns, a kiosk with rooftop solar panels was built where the villagers can charge their lanterns.



Villagers only have limited access to electricity, so the safe, emission-free source of light is the perfect alternative to fuel lanterns that expel harmful gas and create a fire-hazard for homes.



By utilizing practical and innovative technology, Samsung is working hard to help communities Africa. Last October, Samsung built the Solar Powered Internet School in Boksburg, South Africa.

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