Samsung Toner vs Generic Toner

on August 28, 2013
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When you consider buying a replacement toner for your Samsung printers, what do you care about the most? Price, Quality or Eco-friendliness?  Why not all? With Samsung Toner, you can expect all of that. How is that possible? Check out the fun animated clips and see it for yourself!



Best Value



Mr. Genuine (Samsung toner) and Mr. Generic (brand X toner), are preparing for a 100 meter race; yes, it is not their real name. On your mark, get set, go! As the race continues, Mr. Genuine seems to be running with ease while Mr. Generic is exhausted already.


Samsung Toner : Best Value


OMG! Who is going to win? Such an intense race!


Yes! Mr. Genuine made it to the finish line first!


Mr. Generic slows down and eventually stops at 71 meters while Mr. Genuine passes the finish line.


Why the 71 meter mark? With Samsung printer cartridges, users can print up to 29% more pages than using non-Samsung toners. So, you are actually saving money and you know it.


Samsung Toner : Best Value



Clean, crisp images



In our next competition, Mr. Genuine and Mr. Generic are on a treasure hunt.


Samsung Toner : Clean, crisp images


Look closely – because Mr. Genuine printed the map with the Samsung printer cartridge, the map is much cleaner and crisper than that of Mr. Generic, which is fainter and blurrier. With a clearer map, Mr. Genuine does not fall either into a trap or cross a broken bridge whereas Mr. Generic faces every obstacle


In the end, Mr. Genuine finds the treasure cave and has the treasure to himself. As the video shows, genuine Samsung toner produces cleaner, and crisper images with high definition colors.


Samsung Toner : Clean, crisp images



Guaranteed performance



Next up? It is the exciting car race, but they need a fresh change of toners first. After the parts are installed, the two hit the race track circuit. Thanks to Mr. Genuine’s toner being the best fit for the car, the toner transition is seamless. Mr. Generic maybe using rebuilt parts, and the result is sloppy, without a perfect fit.


As a result, while Mr. Genuine’s car prints straight clear, crisp lines, Mr. Generic’s car produces dirty blurred lines.


Samsung Toner : Guaranteed performance


Since genuine Samsung toner cartridges are always made with brand new components, they guarantee reliable and risk free printing to users during every performance whereas with ‘bargain’ toners, whose parts may be worn out, users can have a 47% risk of failed performance.


Samsung Toner : Guaranteed performance



Eco-friendly printing



Samsung is committed to environmental sustainability and protection, so of course its printer cartridges are eco-friendly.


Samsung Toner: Eco-friendly printing


Once empty cartridges are collected, sorted and separated, they are melted down through granulation. After being checked, they are recycled into a new product. This cycle is based on the Samsung Takeback and Recycle program (STAR) which promises to save the environment by responsibly recycling cartridges.


Now ask yourself, which toner should you get?




*Samsung Warranty Program will not cover printer damages caused by use of non-genuine toners!


**All functionality features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

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