Samsung UD970 UHD monitor: It matters

on September 17, 2014
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Samsung developed the first ever ultra-high-definition (UHD), UD970, monitor for professionals. To show that Samsung UD970 provides more detailed and sensitive results compared with other monitors, Samsung collaborated with established digital experts like visual artist Damien Borowik and photographer Jono Lee for an incredible project. Check out the video below.




Why UHD monitors matter


We will take you behind the scene of this incredible project, but let’s first go over why UHD monitors matter for experts like Borowik and Jono.


As a visual artist, communicator, and graphic designer, Damien Borowik understands the power of color in his work. Therefore, he knows that color is not only about tone but emotion as well, which can create an intense visual experience. Moreover, he believes that color “defines the way we see”


The UD970 monitor utilizes Samsung’s unique advanced RGB calibration technology, which enables it to reproduce the same colors that were seen through the eyes; the exact color that we desire.


This is essential for people like Borowik, who always wants the final digital output to be as close to the real deal as possible. As an artist, it has been frustrating for him to get the exact same visual result he wants. The UD970 changed that.


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To photographer Jono Lee, photography is the act of capturing emotions and color is the language that portrays the feelings and thoughts captured in the photo. Therefore, Lee (and many other photographers) always wants his photos to deliver the artistic message he intended.


Small difference makes a huge difference in the world of experts. Therefore, it is crucial for professionals such as Lee to use a monitor that offers extreme precision and clarity. The UD970 with its 4K screen provides that.





The UD970 monitor played a significant part when Borowik tried to produce a graphic pattern-line kaleidoscope. Borowik created a computer program that automatically wove colored particles. To see the results, he used the UD970. Thanks to the same RGB calibration technology, he found out that the color range of blue and green was much more vivid in UD970 compared to other monitors. He made the graphic into a video clip and printed it on fabric to test digital art.


Moreover, when photographer Lee tried to capture every moment as the fabric fluttered through the air, with the patterns flowing like waves in a dynamic expressions of colors, the feelings evoked by the patterns became a piece of artwork in itself as it was represented on the UD970.


Through the UD970 monitor, the two artists made new discoveries and found inspiration. The visual experience the UD970 delivers was more than enough to discover new possibilities of digital art. In addition, it evoked a newfound passion to challenge them.


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