Samsung Unveils New Environmental Campaign ‘#Changes start from small steps’

on August 4, 2023
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In September 2022, Samsung Electronics announced a new environmental strategy centered around the concept of Everyday Sustainability. The company has been working tirelessly in pursuit of this vision ever since, weaving its commitment to sustainability into technologies and products.


To showcase the efforts in line with the environmental strategy, Samsung unveiled “#Changes start from small steps” on August 3, 2023. The campaign will feature a series of interviews highlighting the voices of employees who create and market the company’s eco-conscious products to show that change does not happen all at once. Instead, small actions can have a large impact on the future.


Samsung plans to continue efforts to protect the planet, furthering its environmental mission and encouraging consumers to participate.



Samsung’s Vision for a Brighter Future

The campaign film released on August 3 illustrates how even the smallest steps forward can bring about meaningful change mirroring Samsung’s forward-thinking vision for climate action. The video showcases the company’s notable environmental initiatives and emphasizes how collective action can have a lasting impact.


▲ Samsung’s environmental campaign “#Changes start from small steps”


Many of Samsung’s efforts were highlighted in the environmental campaign film including: the MX Business’ use of ocean-bound plastics (OBP) from discarded fishing nets to produce high-resolution monitors and Galaxy devices, since the Galaxy S22 series; the VD Business’ solar-powered SolarCell Remote, now smaller in size and with OBPs since first launched in 2021; the DA Business’ Less Microfiber™ Filter for washing machines, created in collaboration with Patagonia; and the company’s work to collect global e-waste.



Progress Through the Eyes of Employees

Central to this campaign are Samsung employees who participated in the development and marketing of the company’s eco-conscious products. To share how Samsung is pioneering sustainable development, several employees gave their insights on the innovative projects they were involved in.



Changyoun Hwang, Head of the Advanced CMF Lab of MX Business, described his experience developing recycled materials using discarded fishing nets on a business trip. He recounted the sadness he felt after witnessing a baby shark become trapped in a discarded fishing net, further highlighting the importance of Samsung’s work to capture and repurpose these nets.



Yeri Park and Hwisoo Kim, from the Marketing Group and Living Product Planning Group of DA Business, respectively, discussed how they switched to only wearing cotton clothes after learning about the negative environmental impact of microplastics. Kim is inspired to incorporate Samsung’s message of Everyday Sustainability both in his life and work.



JongKeun Lee, from H/W Platform Lab of VD Business, explained how developing the SolarCell Remote required him to meticulously spend hours in a darkroom and outdoors over several months.



As the sustainability affairs manager for Samsung U.K., Jessica Sandhu oversees a variety of tasks related to environmental protection, including local compliance, e-waste collection and recycling program management. With sustainability being at the core of her work, Sandhu expressed excitement in the campaign.



“We use remotes every day at home, but I don’t think we’ve ever thought about using them without batteries,” Lee of VD Business explained. “The idea of reducing battery usage through a device as small as a remote was quite out of the box. I wasn’t sure it would be possible, but this idea became a reality. By working at Samsung, I am able to do what I love and help the planet.”



“Since I’m really passionate about the environment, I usually carry a glass straw with me. I was very proud to design a product for the environment at Samsung,” Kim said. “I would like to continue creating more eco-conscious products and features so that people can easily participate in protecting the planet.”


Through the “#Changes start from small steps” campaign and its environmental efforts, Samsung hopes to inspire and enable consumers to incorporate sustainability into their lives since even the smallest steps make a difference.


The film can be viewed on Samsung’s official YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels. The employee interviews will be released via the same channels on August 7, 2023.

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