Samsung Wide Viewing Angle SyncMaster SA850 Monitor Receives Praises from Global Reviewers

on November 24, 2011
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Samsung SyncMaster SA850 Monitor offering wide viewing angles, great performance and energy-saving solution has received great reviews one after another from US and European tech media and Samsung now kicks into high gear to target the professional monitor market.




Stylish, professional monitor with great options and performance


The SyncMaster SA850—for which Samsung’s superior PLS technology (Plane to Line Switching) is employed—delivers 2560×1440 pixel resolutions, four times the 720p HDTV resolution.




The premium monitor displays crisp and detailed colors without any color degradation from any vertical and horizontal viewing angles.


CNET, one of the most popular tech media in the U.S., gave the top review award, “Editor’s Choice”, to the Samsung SA850 Monitor, stating that it is “a well designed, stylish, professional monitor with great options and performance.”


The US tech media noted that Samsung SA850 Monitor displays “richer colors and deeper blacks” and its full ergonomic support and a wide range of useful options “makes it a great choice for those looking for a pro monitor that offers more than most.”


PC Pro, top IT and business media in the U.K., highly commended the SyncMaster SA850 “delivers rich and vibrant colors and vivacious images” and “connectivity is excellent! Samsung has also packed in a three-port USB 3 hub.”



Eco Mode is the Solution for energy-saving



CNET has highly praised the SA850 Monitor, citing “Eco Mode is your one-stop shop for all things power-saving.”


The SA850 Monitor eco mode is conveniently control power consumption level depending on usage patterns with Eco Sensors. The monitor is on/off when user moves in and out from monitor. And brightness of monitor increased and decreased when light is going up and down. Also save power consumption, as automatically monitor is switched to standby mode at disconnection from note PC.



178 degree viewing angles with premium panel


Monitors’ viewing angle is crucial for multitasking environment. The SA850 Monitor offers 178° wide viewing angle at a reasonable price with MVA panel, while normally wide viewing angle panel is relatively expensive.


Trusted Reviews, one of the most trusted tech media in the U.K., described Samsung SyncMaster SA850 Monitor as very impressive monitor and noted that the PLS-based monitor’s “dark detailing is also on a par with the best of the rest, as you would expect from a premium panel and color accuracy remains perfect no matter how far to the side you sit.”


The publication stated that the innovative model offers “simply the best performance in this regard that we have seen from an LCD display,” and “there’s a shining new entrant to this 27in market”—using an analogy like “a quality display is no more ‘just a monitor’ than a Ferrari is ‘just a sports car’.”


PC World, one of the most trusted IT publications in France, posted review results under the title, “Samsung 850 Series: near-perfect monitors?”, citing that Samsung’s PLS panel “brings 178 degree viewing angles”, and that its solutions are “near-perfect”.


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