Samsung Wins 39 iF Design Awards This Year!

on March 25, 2013
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Just a week before the Mobile World Congress 2013, Samsung Electronics garnered a few more accolades for the high value and superiority of its product design. The iF Design Award 2013 in Munich, Germany awarded Samsung Electronics a grand total of 39 awards, including 2 iF Gold Awards. Another feather in our cap? Samsung also ranked number 1 for the third time in a row since 2010 as the best in-house designer and manufacturer.


For those who might not have heard of the iF Design Award, it’s one of the world’s top three international design contest exhibitions, which began in 1953 in Germany, and is organized by International Forum Design. The awards are categorized into 3 areas: product design awards, communication design awards, and packaging design awards. International expert juries evaluate all the submitted products according to the quality of the design, appropriateness of material usage, and innovativeness. Among 1,400 assessed products, only 75 products are chosen for Gold Awards. Samsung has won 415 awards in total since 1995, including this year’s awards.


Wonder which products were recognized for their outstanding design this year? We’re here to let you in on all the details.


2 iF Gold Award Products


The products that were acknowledged for their unique design and received the Gold award were A4 Color Laser Printer (CLP-415 series) and Multifunction printer (CLX-4195 series) and Southeast Asia’s two tub-type washing machines (WT727QPNDMW).


CLP-415 and CLX-4195 Color Printer Series 


CLP-415 and CLX-4195 Color Printer Series


Based on the jury’s statement, this medium-speed all-in-one printer series deserved the gold award for its “split concept,” differentiating the ‘storage area’ and ‘interface area’ by use of different colors which enable users to distinguish the areas intuitively without confusion.


seungwook jeong



Since these printers were able to win over the jury by meeting users’ every need for look and content, they were chosen as one of the 75 best product designs.


WT727QPNDMW Washing Machine


WT727QPNDMW Washing Machine


This twin tub washing machine, typically designed for Southeast Asian users, astounded the jurywith its practicality and elegance. Samsung installed a movable “EZ wash tray”as Southeast Asian mothers usually pre-wash the laundry outside in the hot and humid weather. Hence, this can be also used as a washstand, which increases its efficiency. Also, since there is no separate washing room in most Southeast Asian households, Samsung attached wheels and a handle so that users can use and store the washing machine without hassle.


39 iF Design Awards Products


Including the 2 iF Gold Awards, Samsung won 33 iF Product Design Awards, 4 iF Communication Design Awards, and 2 iF Packaging Design Awards.


Some of the 33 iF Product Design awarded products are popular and well known to many people, like the ES 8000 Smart 3D Full-HD LED TV, GALAXY S III, and ultra-thin premium notebook New Series 9.


Here are some of the products that received the iF Product Design Award.


some of the 39 iF Design Awards


One of the 4 products that wa recognized in the communication sector was the S Pen UX, the smartphone user interface. Its high interaction with the user and their expansive experience by using the S Pen were the positive features acknowledged by the jury.


S pen ux


Another communication product that was singled out for an award was the Samsung OLED TV Logo.


samsung OLED TV logo


Based on the iF Award official site, this logo stood out among the other logos as it reflected the vitality and energy of OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) very well. It was said that this logo perfectly visualized the new concept-based OLED TV.


In the packaging sector, LED Lighting Capsule and Reusable Packaging or SBS refrigerator packaging won the iF Packaging Design Award.


LED Lighting Capsule, SBS refrigerator packaging


According to the iF Award official site, The LED Lighting Capsule was recognized for its flexibility in securing all types of bulbs by simply changing the base holder and applying different regional labels or tags. The capsule can be also reused for different purposes, for example, as a piggy bank. Likewise, the packaging is also reusable. A unique feature of this packaging is that it is made of highly durable EPP material, which makes it eco-friendly.


Now you know which Samsung products have been recognized for their outstanding design and practicality! Have you seen any of these award winners in your local markets? Stay tuned for the next part of the iF Award to find out more about how the award winning printers were created.



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