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Samsung X Vogue Collaboration for Galaxy S5 and Gear Devices isn’t Surprising

on June 03, 2014

“Strike a pose.” We are not sure how many of you will get this reference. If you do, you know we are going to talk fashion. Recently, Samsung collaborated with the famous fashion magazine Vogue for Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear Fit. This dynamic duo may come as a surprise for many, but it really isn’t that shocking. First, let’s take a look at what happened.


The Samsung X Vogue Collaboration

 [Colorful and Attractive Pictorial Cut]



The Samsung X Vogue Collaboration


Yes, this happened. The Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit made the cut for Vogue. Actually if you look closely, you can also see Eliza Cummings, World’s Top Fashion model, as well. We are kidding, she is stunning as ever. Thanks to photographer Nagi Sakai, both the Samsung devices and Eliza have been beautifully presented.


Like many photo shoots, this one had a purpose and a concept as well. According to Yuri Jung, Senior Manager of Mobile Communications, Launching Marketing Group at Samsung Electronics, it tried to present the harmony between technology and fashion. Strategically speaking, Jung said that “this also shows the effort of establishing the shift of Samsung as the brand of ‘smart,’ that brings technology innovation, to the brand of ‘cool’ that appeals to the consumers emotionally.”


Speaking of being cool, Samsung and Vogue decided to have these photos available pretty much everywhere, including retail shops around the world, as well as digital content without any copyright issue. (Generally, for fashion cuts, copyright of the photographer and model is very strict) So, a total of 6 pages of Vogue advertorial available to 11 countries and 10 pages of Lookback and Video Digital Magazine content, which can be used worldwide, were produced. Can you feel the love in the air?


As you can see, the concept of this Samsung X Vogue Collaboration photo shoot is ‘Cool Circuit.’ Especially, with summer coming, ‘cool’ was the key concept of the new wearable devices and their characteristics, which the various colors and designers’ signature patterns of the Galaxy S5 accessories, and leather straps of Gear devices Cleary represent.



Samsung is no Stranger to the Fashion Industry


If you consider yourself a fashion savvy person, you might have noticed the cool accessories of Moschino, Swarovski, and Nicholas Kirkwood. Now, if you are a Samsung Tomorrow savvy person, you are probably aware of the recent collaboration of “Swarovski for Samsung,” an exclusive collection of Swarovski crystal accessories for the Galaxy S5 and Gear Fit. Samsung also collaborated with MOSCHINO and Nicholas Kirkwood since GALAXY Note 3 accessories last September.


Evidently, Samsung has maintained a pretty good relationship with the fashion industry. We’ve already let you know about some of Samsung products featured during the London Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and Paris Men’s Fashion Week, and these are only from this year.


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According to Jung, in 2012, Samsung began the Fashion Influencer program with the Galaxy Note 2. The collaborative projects with the fashion industry really picked up with the Galaxy S4.   Samsung’s global campaign actually began when the company participated as a livestream sponsor at the world famous New York Metropolitan Museum of Art PUNK: Chaos to Couture event for the Galaxy S4 launching market campaign. Connecting with the event, the punk capsule collection from designers who participated at the event such as Givenchy, Balmain and Thom Browne, the revolution of the fashion industry, punk, and revolution of the technology, the Galaxy S4, were shoot and presented exclusively in Vogue. Since then, Samsung has received proposals from many fashion brands and fashion magazines, asking for collaboration


Breaking away from regular exhibitions that allow visitors to touch and experience displayed products, Samsung used a fashion platform to show its products in different way. This led to the creation of a wonderful project, the Samsung X Vogue collaboration.



Clearly, the Samsung X Vogue collaboration was created with great interest and consideration from the fashion industry. Contributions came from around the world, from translations of words in various languages to creating variations of different images for different countries, to finally presenting to 11 countries around the world.


Currently, the distinctive features of the Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit and new images are shown not only in Vogue, but also in various other fashion magazines.


Currently, the distinctive features of the Galaxy S5, Gear 2, and Gear Fit and new images are shown not only in Vogue, but also in various other fashion magazines.


Boyoung Lim, Manager of Launching Marketing Group, Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics says, “The collaboration of fashion and technology is and will have an intimate relation and show its development respectively. Samsung will continue to discover hidden values and apply them, enhancing user’s fashion taste by creating many new tries.”


[from the left] Yuri Jung, Boyoung Lim, Heeyoung Kim)

[from the left] Yuri Jung, Boyoung Lim, Heeyoung Kim)



As a general consumer, our standards are getting higher and higher for a product. We are not satisfied with ‘functionality’ alone anymore; we also want it to look cool. We not only know that Samsung has been paying attention to its design for a very long time, but, as we can see from the recent launch of, Samsung also wants people to know about its design. Being recognized by the fashion industry shows the result of this commitment to its design for the people.



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