Samsung’s GALAXY Trio Helps Save the Earth

on February 7, 2013
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Do you know what Samsung’s three flagship mobile products, GALAXY Note II, GALAXY S III , and GALAXY Tab 10.1, have in common? It’s kind of a freebie to say they are top-notch mobile products with the most advanced technology, and they all have the word “GALAXY” in them. But, there is something else and it might surprise you.  All three are actually ‘certified’ eco-products.   


Samsung’s GALAXY Trio Helps Save the Earth


Since 2009, Samsung has been developing eco- products following its philosophy of Green Management strategy: “Creating New Value Through Eco-Innovation”.  Additionally, Samsung also announced its slogan ‘PlanetFirst,’ in order to represent Samsung Electronics’ commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility through eco-driven business and management activities.  After all, the Earth is a home that we all share!


Samsung’s GALAXY Trio Helps Save the Earth


GALAXY trio- GALAXY Note II, GALAXY S III, and GALAXY Tab 10.1- are at the core of Samsung’s mobile eco-products, but you might be wondering what it actually means to be a certified eco-product.  Well, let us explain…


Calling something an “Eco-product” basically means that the product has been reviewed by an outside agency and has been found to be less harmful to the environment in some way.



The GALAXY Trio achieved the Carbon labeling Certification from the Ministry of Environment in Korea. A Carbon Labeling scheme is a system to check greenhouse gas emissions of products in the manufacturing process. If a product demonstrates low-carbon emissions, it will lead to a cleaner environment. Therefore, it can be labeled as an environmentally friendly product due to its contribution to produce low greenhouse gas emissions based on standard of a Carbon Labeling scheme.


Samsung’s GALAXY Trio Helps Save the Earth


The real villain in the global warming saga is carbon emissions, which are at the root of the problem.  As we have all heard in the news recently, the effects of global warming are the rise in global temperatures, abnormal climate changes, and a sea-level rise which results in destruction of ecosystem. Samsung has been making every effort to produce the products that can reduce the carbon emissions to better protect the environment.


GALAXY Trio has not only received Carbon labeling Certification, but GALAXY Note II and GALAXY III were also approved as eco-friendly products as it meets the standard of China’s RoHS regulation that regulates the restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment. To comply with RoHS regulation, Samsung Electronics phased-out six hazardous substances, including Hg, Pb, Cd, PBB, PBDE, Cr6+ which were of concern in all products. Also, Samsung Electronics reduced Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and Brominated Flame Retardants (BFRs).


In addition, GALAXY Note II was the first mobile device that received the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label from Japan. Also, GALAXY S III was awarded from UK’s Carbon Trust Standard certificate that improved reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and received the US’s Underwriters Laboratories (UL).


Samsung’s GALAXY Trio Helps Save the Earth


Global warming and climate change is a huge international issue that needs attention from individuals, corporations, politicians, and the list goes on.  Samsung Electronics will continue to put effort into developing better eco-products to preserve the environment for future generations!

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