Samsung’s Industry-Leading Washing Machines Continue to Garner Acclaim for their Disruptive Innovation

on August 6, 2018
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Samsung Electronics’ premium washing machines continue to receive acclaim from around the globe. The 2018 Which? Awards recently announced Samsung Electronics as the leading Large Appliance brand for its range of home appliances. This award comes as the latest in a string of media and industry recognition from around the world for Samsung’s QuickDrive™ technology and FlexWash™ machines.


But what is it about Samsung’s laundry solutions that have captivated the industry and consumers alike? Demand for premium home appliances has increased in recent years, and Samsung’s success in this burgeoning field is due to its ability to create simple yet innovative laundry solutions, informed by consumer needs and enhanced by the power of IoT and AI. In an industry that has long been dominated by conventional solutions, Samsung’s disruptive technology redefines the laundry process as we know it.




Breakthrough Washing Performance

With convenience that doesn’t compromise performance being the top priority for consumers when choosing home appliances, Samsung has cemented its status within the market thanks to the key features of its two most advanced washers – the speed of QuickDrive™ and the flexibility of FlexWash™. Though washing methods have significantly changed over time and improved throughout the industry, these latest laundry solutions are a testament to Samsung’s history of innovation, and rewrite the very definition of washing performance.



QuickDrive™ technology provides a full wash cycle in half the time of conventional machines*, with all the fabric care, performance and durability users value. This unrivaled technology caters to the lifestyles of modern consumers by saving them valuable time to do more of the things they love. Its status as a leading laundry innovation was commended by this year’s CES Innovation Awards.


The FlexWash™ system offers the award-winning option to wash two loads of laundry at the same time, meeting the needs of consumers who require flexibility in their machine usage. Samsung’s unique dual laundry system and its unprecedented flexibility have transformed how people tackle multiple loads of laundry.

Intuitive Smart Features

Samsung washing machines with QuickDrive™ technology are also equipped with Q-rator**, the company’s AI-powered intelligent laundry assistant, to further simplify the laundry process.


Q-rator provides users with intelligent and intuitive assistance through three main features: Laundry Planner enables consumers to specify a laundry finishing time; Laundry Recipe provides recommendations on the best wash cycle for a specific load; and HomeCare Wizard monitors a wash remotely for quick and responsive troubleshooting.



The difference that these ingenious features make in the washing process has been widely acknowledged by the industry. This year’s ‘Best of KBIS’ awards recognized both washers as leading in their fields, with QuickDrive™ receiving the ‘Smart Home Technology’ award for its best-in-class laundry innovation, and FlexWash™ receiving the ‘Kitchen Silver’ award for the flexibility that its multi-load and remote smartphone-control features provide.



Prudent Product Design

The innovation found in Samsung’s laundry solutions goes beyond the advanced technology built in to each washer. Both QuickDrive™ and FlexWash™ machines have been designed to provide the highest quality of performance and user experience.


At the heart of the QuickDrive™ offerings is the Q-Drum, consisting of a main drum as well as a back plate that rotate independently, unique in the industry. Unlike conventional washing machines, QuickDrive™ moves clothes dynamically around the drum in different directions.



The FlexWash™ washing machine’s dual washer capacity, combining a small upper washer with a bigger lower washer, enables users to run two different load types simultaneously and completely separately. This unique technology has won recognition from the Asian Conference on Ergonomics and Design for its holistic and compact design.


The two award-winning laundry solutions, QuickDrive™ and FlexWash™, represent the fruition of Samsung’s drive to innovate while reflecting consumers’ lifestyles. Consumers, industry leaders and media around the world continue to recognize how these technologies allow people to do laundry more flexibly, so that they can achieve their highest quality wash yet – all while freeing up more time to spend on the important things in life.



*Based on tests comparing the WW8800M with Samsungs WW8500K model. Saves 50 percent of time during Cotton (a half load at 40 ) and eCotton cycles, with washing performance within ±2 percent. Reduces energy consumption by 20 percent during Cotton (half load at 40) and Super Speed cycles (5kg load at 40), based on Intertek data. The exact amount of time that QuickDrive saves users varies by region.


**Compatible with both Android and iOS devices. A Samsung account and Wi-Fi connection are required.

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