Samsung’s “Insight Exhibition”: The World Seen From the Heart

on February 13, 2014
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It’s often easy to take what we have for granted, and it often takes something extra-special to make us see things in a new light. A collection of photos taken by visually-impaired children is just such an example. The photos, taken by a group of 11 students from the Hanbit School for the Blind in Korea for Samsung’s “Insight Exhibition”, were striking enough to win two Gold Lions at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France two years ago.


The first Samsung’s Insight Exhibition was held in Seoul in March 2012 as part of the “How to Share SMART” campaign. The purpose of this exhibition was to inspire the inner vision that creates images beyond what people see with their eyes.


Using the themes of touch, feel, and listen, the students took about 100 photos with Samsung smart cameras, using their insights into the world they live in. They took pictures of objects around them, the sunlight and the breeze they can feel and the sounds they hear in their everyday life, capturing what they see from their heart.


samsung insight exhibition

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Continuing the celebration of creativity this year, the second Insight Exhibition was opened in Seoul, along with the publication of a photo essay entitled “The Miracle of the Fingertip” on February 10th. Under the theme of ‘Zooming the World Seen from the Heart’, visitors could see photos that were taken with the Galaxy S4 Zoom by 6 visually impaired students from Hanbit School for the Blind.


6 visually impaired students


There were various materials that allowed people to touch, smell, and hear, enabling all people, regardless of their abilities, to enjoy the works at the exhibition. Attendees could feel the sand in the displayed sea, smell the forest of the pine trees, and hear the sounds of birds chirping and sheep bleating.


Moreover, there was a signature booth where attendees could receive the signature of the author of the photo essay “The Miracle of the Fingertip,” which includes photos taken by the students, the stories behind the photos, and comments posted by people online.


Yongho Kang and the 6 students


With the Insight Exhibition and the published photo essay, Samsung hoped to share the values they cherish with customers and create the possibility of a new level of communication with everyone, using various senses to reach all people.


For those who are in Korea, feel free to visit the Insight Exhibition 2 at Samsung Blue Square. This exhibition lasts for a week starting from this week. Hope to see you there soon!

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