Samsung’s Internet of Thing Enters Our Lives

on September 5, 2015
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In partnership with renowned Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani, Samsung’s IoT Zone showcases the infinite possibilities of the Internet of Things ecosystem at IFA 2015.


Samsung Electronics is showcasing everything about the Internet of Things (IoT) at IFA 2015 in Berlin, focusing on how IoT technologies are having a positive impact on our world.


The exhibition gives IFA visitors a first-hand experience with what we mean by the connected world. They will be able to touch and feel key Samsung products, to truly understand the huge potential of IoT technology.


The IoT Zone comes in a large, circular design at the center of Samsung’s IFA exhibition hall. It is a space that immerses visitors in a demonstration of how Samsung’s IoT technology can become part of everyday life.


Visitors can wander among twenty-four distinct glass showcases, highlighting four key Samsung products and solutions: Samsung SleepSense, Smart TV & Audio, Gear S2, and SmartThings. The benefits of these products and solutions naturally and intuitively show visitors the present and near-future potential for their lifestyles.



Samsung SleepSense



For Smart TVs and Audio system showcases, the television is like a “conductor” for the whole home entertainment system. The TV can recognize the programs being watched and suggest similar options. If someone chooses to watch a movie, the TV can dim the lighting, lower the blinds and shift the audio to movie mode to deliver a grander sound. The viewer doesn’t need to move from the sofa or even say anything.



Samsung Gear S2


With the Gear S2, users can enjoy a connected daily life like never before. The device can track all of your physical goals and progress in real-time – everything you need to know about your body is right there, just a glance away. People can pay for the bus or taxi with the Gear S2, and as they travel they can get real-time notifications from home about security and safety. And by synchronizing the Gear S2 with a smart home hub like SmartThings, they can also adjust their home temperature or lights precisely with just simple twist of the Gear S2’s rotating bezel, wherever they are.



SmartThings Products


SmartThings is the heart of Samsung’s IoT. It connects all the devices at home and even outside of the home on an open platform, available to all companies and developers. About 200 devices are already available for the SmartThings platform, including lighting, cameras, thermostats, locks and wearables. Again, this isn’t the future; it’s happening right now.


To create this IoT Zone, Samsung collaborated with renowned Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani. The round design of the zone represents infinite possibilities and the lack of boundaries like Samsung’s IoT. It also symbolises the convergence of technologies, showing the interplay between IoT technologies and their rapidly growing ecosystem.


“As the visitors move from one showcase to another, the possibilities of IoT unfold in front of them like the pages of a popup book, with each showcase conveying the key information,” said Laviani.


But Samsung’s exhibition doesn’t end there. Visitor can also experience IoT applied to real life. The IoT Zone is right beside an IoT lounge, with partners like BMW, Volkswagen and Samsung C&T.


At the BMW car, notifications from home get displayed on the dashboard, and the Samsung SmartThings smartphone app makes it possible to check the status of the car, and lock or unlock the car remotely. Furthermore, Samsung’s Car Mode for Galaxy app for Volkswagens allows drivers to take calls, choose and listen to a favorite playlist and get directions all by voice or simple touch. Visitors can also see how the Gear S2 can control many aspects of a Volkswagen remotely, such as the air conditioner and the battery level with the Volkswagen’s Car-Net e-Remote app.


Samsung C&T Fashion Division (formerly Cheil Industries) is showing off four wearables that integrate fashion, technology and human in form of clothing and accessories: Smart Suit, On Bag, Body Compass and Perfect Wallet. There is also “the humanfit”, which is the platform brand for wearables. It collaborates with Samsung C&T’s fashion brands to develop IT-integrated clothing, accessories and mobile fashion apps.


Finally, there are four product zones displaying Samsung’s cutting-edge and IoT-ready products. Visitors can try out smart shopping and smart office space, a virtual fitting room, mirror displays and transparent OLEDs display at the B2B product zone.


“This exhibition underscores what’s possible,” said Dr. Won Pyo Hong, President and Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics. “It shows Samsung’s view of the Internet of Things – as a world that’s centered around people, and that offers infinite possibilities because it will be rooted in our open IoT strategy.”


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