Samsung’s new SUHD TV: 12 things we know so far

on January 8, 2015
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As you heard during the CES 2015 Samsung Press Conference, the SUHD TV is here to change the game. It is being displayed here at Samsung booth at CES 2015, but for those who cannot be here to see it, we’ve jotted down everything we know so far about the Samsung SUHD TV.

It has the highest color purity and light efficiency available today.


The SUHD display is made from Samsung’s proprietary, eco-friendly nano-crystal semiconductors. With its ability to transmit different colors of light, depending on their size, it can produce the highest color purity and light efficiency available today.


It has a best-in-class contrast level.


Its image is two and a half times brighter than conventional TVs.


It uses new Color technology.


It has 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs, as well as twice the level of color adjustment points, and a wider range of more accurate colors.


But it isn’t just about the color panel.


The SUHD TV advanced all aspects of the TV and revolutionized the panel, platform, picture quality engine, and overall algorithm. It surpasses previous display technology, which evolved from CRT-PDP-LCD/LED and encompasses the advantages of LED, PDP, and OLED TV while improving on their flaws.


It can upgrade HD/FHD to SUHD.


Samsung’s SUHD technology can take any sourced content in HD or Full HD then convert it to SUHD quality.


It has a high-dynamic range and wider color gamut.


The SUHD re-mastering engine utilizes a sophisticated color grading for the SUHD TV’s 10-bit panel.


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It is curved.


After introducing the curved form in 2013, Samsung wanted to elevate its design to a level of art. For example, its Chamfer bezel design not only adds more depth to the TV screen, but also makes the TV look like a piece of art when mounted on the wall. The back features a soft, textured Shirring design for a consistent stylish edge from any angle.


The “S” Stands for confidence.


We’ve seen Samsung creating new categories in TV with its LED TV, Smart TV, and Curved TV. SUHD TV will become an entirely new TV category. The hardware, software, content and the overall ecosystem of it is nothing like we’ve ever seen and it is here to change the game.


That is one of the reason it has the Samsung “S” badge, which is only reserved for flagship products.


It is a Smart TV that runs on Tizen.


New for 2015, all of Samsung’s Smart TVs, including the new SUHD TV, will be powered by Tizen, an open-source platform that supports the web standard for TV app development.


It can be the center of any Smart Home.


Since it’s a Smart TV that runs on Tizen, which aims to be an ecosystem of all ‘things’, SUHD TV can be the control center of any Smart Home.


It will be great for sports.


The SUHD TV will be compatible with Samsung Sports Live, which allows users to watch live games while simultaneously checking team and player stats on the same screen. With its state of the art picture quality, sports fans will love watching games on the SUHD TV. Samsung has also partnered with global games companies for a large and varied games catalogue.


It will be available in nine screen sizes.


Samsung will offer three new series of SUHD TVs in nine screen sizes from 48” to 88”.



That is it for what we learned about the new Samsung SUHD TV from the CES 2015. We plan to bring you more about SUHD TV and Samsung Booth CES 2015, so stay tuned!


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