Samsung’s Newest on Display @ ISE 2013

on February 1, 2013
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Samsung Electronics is flying to the country of windmills, the Netherlands, to participate in the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013, which is held from January 29th to 31st. If you haven’t heard of the ISE, it is Europe’s largest commercial display tradeshow, where NEC, LG, Hyundai IT, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, and Epson are just some of the many consumer electronics companies participating.


Samsung will have the largest exhibition hall in its history at this ISE 2013. It is set to unveil its full lineup of innovative digital signage products, including various new commercial displays and solutions. The list is quite impressive, so let’s take a look at the products one by one.


First, let’s look at Samsung Smart Signage Platform.


Samsung Smart Signage Platform


So what does signage mean exactly in this case? Well, the ‘signage’ here refers to ‘digital signage’. ‘Digital signage’ is a form of electronic display that not only can assess the users’ tastes but can also communicate with the users. Samsung digital signage is unique in that it has a slim design and is light-weight, making it easy to install anywhere, including retail stores, airports, restaurants, and 24/7 convenience stores.


The Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform is Samsung’s exclusive public display platform. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface, which allows for clean and easy set-up and a smooth installation process. Both time and money can be saved on additional operational costs.


What’s more, content can be displayed without the need for a separate PC or set-top box. The built-in high-performance media player, featuring a dual-core CPU, full codec video processor, and 4GB or 8GB of storage, eliminates the need for additional hardware. With the Plug & Play solution of Samsung’s new digital signage products, you can also control the device by plugging in USB and various video and audio formats such as WMV, Mp4, H.264 and more. You can control the device as well as the content remotely within the network with Samsung’s MagicInfo Premium S Software.


Next, let’s take a look at Samsung’s Software Development Kit (SDK).


Samsung’s New Software Development Kit (SDK)


Does Samsung’s SDK sound familiar? You may have heard about it before. We introduced the Samsung’s Smart TV SDK 4.0 in our blog in the beginning of January. And yes, it is the same SDK 4.0 that was first released 3 weeks ago at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). However, one difference is that this new SDK is for signage software.


In fact, Samsung’s new Software Development Kit (SDK) for signage software is the first ever SDK for the commercial display market. For this, our SDK has become the pioneer in the display industry!


Also, since Samsung’s SDK is the ideal platform for software partners to connect through a continuous partner program of more than 50 partners across the US and Europe, software partners are planning to develop customized signage applications for an array of business and applicable environments through SDK this year. We can expect some new applications on our digital signage products soon!


Let’s take a closer look at Samsung’s new innovative digital signage products one by one. There are 4 types of Series. Let’s begin with the ME Series.


Samsung’s New Lineup of LED Large Format Displays (LFD)


1) MEC Series


The Samsung MEC Series, featuring all the advantages of LED backlighting, produces crisp images with accurate color representation, which is essential when displaying large format content. It delivers a business solution that is aligned with any business needs. The MEC Series also consumes less energy than conventional large format displays as it is built with cutting-edge LED technology, making it environmentally friendly to complement a business’s green strategy. Since the MEC Series has a slimmer and light-weight design, it uses the available space of any home or office more efficiently. The best part of the MEC Series is that it is designed with a built-in content player for greater display capabilities, saving considerable amounts of money in additional software of equipment, or even a PC connection. Also, the MEC Series makes it possible to watch movies, listen to music, and even work as the MEC Series displays content from MagicInfo Lite, videos, Images, and even documents like PPT files. At this ISE, Samsung is set to astonish with the 95-inch MEC Series.


MEC Series


2) UEC Series


Similar to the MEC Series, the UEC Series has cutting-edge LED technology, a slim and light design, low power consumption, and internal media player on-chip. It also offers a perfect viewing experience with its incomparable readability and has a super narrow bezel, which keeps the viewer’s focus on the image and makes business’ messages stand out. However, the big difference is that the UEC Series is a specialty display that is a form of the video wall. You can usually see the UEC Series at corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, and 24-hour retail shops.


3) UDC Series


The UDC Series is also in a form of the video wall, having an ultra-slim bezel and slim design, which gives you more space to use, similar to the UEC Series. Also, it has an easy installation kit for a cost-effective solution. Hence, the UDC Series can be used in airports, restaurants, and 24-hour commercial locations. However, unlike the UEC Series, the UDC Series has 700 nit high brightness, 8GB of memory, and ACM (Advanced Color Management). It also has a smart scheduling feature, which makes sure your displays are running both efficiently and punctually. Also, if you have to present two images at the same time when doing an important presentation, the UDC Series makes it possible with its two video signals that have maximum impact.


UDC Series


4) PEC Series


Unlike the other 3 Series, the PEC Series is unique with its ultra-slim design. However, the similarities between the previous 3 Series and the PEC Series are the weight of the displays, being very light, and the ability to deliver large images with clarity. Also, you can easily see the PEC Series in airports, restaurants, and 24-hour retail shops.


Next, let’s move on to the NL22B, which was the CES 2013 Innovation Award Winner.






NL22B is a 22 inch LED LCD Transparent Display. This display produces a vivid visual solution that accentuates any showcased products in the Samsung booth with its high transmittance rate of 15%.




The NL22B also provides everything you need, including a built-in PC, speakers, LED bar, protective glass, security lock and cables.




The built-in PC is an AMD A4-3310M Dual-Core processor that lets you install and control the display easily, eliminating the need for additional PC equipment.




The NL22B also has MagicInfo™ Premium software that enables image or video files to play automatically via a USB memory source.



Finally, we have come to the last product, which is Samsung SUR40.


Samsung SUR40




Samsung SUR40 is the new generation of Microsoft® Surface® experience. It is a large thin display that features PixelSense™ technology, which can recognize fingers, hands, and objects placed on the screen. So, when the screen is touched, the information is immediately processed and interpreted. The SUR 40 also provides business customers a premier touch-first experience for their end-users, built on the principles of direct interaction and together computing with a new look and feel. This product is endlessly useful for commercial application developers as they can use a new version of the Microsoft® Surface® SDK and take full advantage of the massive multi-touch and object recognition capabilities of PixelSense™ with Microsoft development tools.



This wraps up the array of Samsung products that will be presented at ISE 2013. Hopefully we’ve managed to catch your eye with these well-designed products. If you would like more information on Samsung’s Software Development Kit or for technical support, please visit If you would like more information on Samsung’s LFD products, please visit


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