Samsung’s path to new design identity (2)

on August 24, 2012
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Samsung’s Make it Meaningful design identity has transformed the process of how Samsung dreams up products, develops them, and delivers them to customers. The result is a significant change in how some of Samsung’s latest products look, feel, and perform.

Make it Meaningful places greatest importance on understanding the user’s environment—and precisely how users interact with technology within their environment— to design products which provide more emotional meaning. This design philosophy aims to create products which fit more naturally into users’ everyday lives, which allows users greater freedom of expression, and which become a more natural extension of the user in a world where technology surrounds us. These are products that should be easier and more intuitive to use, and that provide new value and new ways of experiencing technology together with users’ needs and desires.

Featured below are some of the products that exemplify the spirit of the “Make It Meaningful” design philosophy.

1. Samsung ES8000 Smart TV

From “TVs that are viewed” to “TVs that are enjoyed”

In contrast to earlier Samsung TV models, the ES 8000 represents the designers’ efforts to infuse human emotion back into minimalist TV design.  To do this, a subtle curved design was added to the thin TV frame to soften its minimalist lines while still creating an immersive viewing experience. The main design achievement of ES 8000 lies in the appealing design that is both modern and organic.

2. Samsung GALAXY S III

The GALAXY S III smartphone is designed primarily with the concept of nature in mind. The phone’s exterior and user interface incorporate images or feelings of water, wind, stones, and light in a way that is natural and intuitive. When users see and interact with the phone, they feel connected to nature.

The exterior design of Galaxy SIII focused on maximizing the screen size.  In order to make this happen, a reduced bezel was used, and the back-cover was ergonomically curved to fit more naturally in the user’s hand. The design philosophy was even incorporated in the unlocking feature. To unlock the phone users touch or tap a ripple of water, evoking the sound and look of a gentle touch on a calm pool of water.

3. Samsung GALAXY Note


GALAXY Note was developed based on user trends— mainly the growing need for self-expression. Its key design achievement was a user interface that replicates the convenience of technology with the versatility of pen and paper.  The GALAXY Note allows users to create original content with remarkable immediacy.

4. Samsung MV800 Compact Digital Camera

The MV800’s hinge structure, which separates the display screen from the body of the camera, represents a new design concept for compact cameras. One of the advantages is that the camera can be manufactured from lighter, more refined materials such as aluminum. Also, the camera adapts to human posture. It brings new meaning to the self-view photo experience, making it more natural, creative and fun.

5. Samsung New Series 9 Notebook PC



Samsung’s Series 9 notebooks feature a subtle hairline textured surface design, which was created with hand-crafted product molds.  This technique represents a major achievement in exterior notebook PC design, and adds to the notebook’s organic design credentials.



The brushed metal combined with the mineral-ash black color of the main body and the aluminum touches on the side convey an overall more curved, softer feel. The arch-line on the side of the notebook enhances the aerodynamics and streamlines the notebook.


These products represent the fruition of the Make It Meaningful design campaign, and signify what the future may hold for technology and Samsung Electronics.


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