Samsung’s Premium Displays Invite Guests to Experience Ultra-Luxury in Dubai Resort

on April 18, 2023
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Luxury hotels and resorts around the world are looking for ways to differentiate the guest experience. Hotel signage and displays play an important role in premium travel as they provide unique aesthetics throughout the premises and intensify the dimensionality of the space while communicating key information to guests.


Atlantis The Royal, the new ultra-luxury experiential resort in Dubai, just announced its grand opening in 2023. Atlantis The Royal raises the bar for resorts everywhere, providing unrivaled experiences for guests amplified by Samsung Electronics’ cutting-edge display technology. From the lobby to the most luxurious suite, Atlantis The Royal and Samsung have collaborated to provide a fresh perspective on premium travel with an unparalleled guest experience.


“Atlantis The Royal has set new boundaries in terms of architecture, and Samsung has played a key role in that feat,” said Anthony Lynsdale, Vice President of Information Technology, Atlantis The Royal. “We’ve leveraged Samsung’s LED solutions and curated specific content, from the fish tanks in the lobby to the journey into the spa, which has really elevated the guest experience.”


Take a look below for an exclusive tour of Atlantis The Royal with Samsung.




Creating a Lasting First Impression With Scenes of the Ocean

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by three towering fish tanks. Fish swim in front of crystal-clear visuals, made possible by Samsung Smart LED signage (6m x 8.5m, 7.5m x 6m, 6m x 6.5m) hanging behind the tanks. This innovative display with unique and stunning visuals sets the tone for staying at the Atlantis The Royal, providing an experience unlike any other.


Because the content of the aquarium displays can be changed, Atlantis The Royal is able to create different moods for guests. This flexibility helps the resort produce the right atmosphere for any occasion, from the middle of the day to VIP events at night.


▲ An awe-inspiring sight greets resort guests, made possible by Samsung LED signage behind the lobby fish tanks.


▲ An underwater vista on Samsung LED signage makes the resort lobby a unique, unforgettable space for guests.



Elevating Every Space With Versatile Signage and Displays

When visiting the rooftop infinity pool, called Cloud 22, guests are met with unbeatable views of Dubai and the Arabian Sea. Thanks to its high visibility, Samsung Outdoor LED Signage shines brightly even under the strong Dubai sunlight, and is used to light up the nighttime party beside the DJ booth, providing a one-of-a-kind ambiance.


▲ Samsung Outdoor LED signage sets the mood on the rooftop infinity pool, no matter how bright the Dubai sun shines.


▲ For parties, sunbathing or splashing in the pool, outdoor LED signage displays vivid images in any lighting.


When visiting the spa to relax and unwind, guests are welcomed into the space by an enormous, curved LED screen from Samsung. The display illuminates the walk-in with LED HDR technology, showing crystal-clear scenes with brilliant colors and adding dimensions to the space.


▲ The curved LED screen guides guests into serenity with vivid colors and visuals that feel real.



The Most Immersive Display Meets the Most Luxurious Room

▲ Take a sneak peek at The Royal Mansion at Atlantis The Royal in Dubai (and The Wall in it)


For the utmost experience at Atlantis The Royal, guests can retire to The Royal Mansion, the most luxurious suite in the resort. Measuring 146 inches with 4K (3,840 x 2,160) resolution, Samsung’s “The Wall” is installed in the mansion’s cinema room, delivering a fully immersive cinematic experience that makes your stay unforgettable. The sleek, modern design of “The Wall” blends seamlessly into the room’s chic and sophisticated interior, combining the highest quality technology and the most luxurious hospitality into one breathtaking experience.


▲ The Wall makes movies more impactful in The Royal Mansion’s cinema room with its 146-inch screen.



Optimizing Every Occasion With High-Quality Signage

▲ Samsung displays provide upgraded visual experiences throughout the entire resort, including collaboration tools in the business meeting rooms, inspiring images in the yoga studio and in-room Samsung hospitality displays.


Atlantis The Royal makes every guest feel like royalty. For business travelers, the executive meeting rooms feature Samsung interactive displays to maximize productivity and collaboration for visiting professionals. For those who aim to travel with their wellness intact, the resort’s gym has sky-high ceilings for an elevated workout experience, featuring an impressive display from Samsung in the yoga studio. The display’s content motivates guests with crisp clarity and true-to-life color representation.


After exploring the property, guests can return to their rooms to unwind. All 795 rooms in the resort are equipped with Samsung’s hospitality displays to ensure every guest can be comfortable and immersed in their favorite content.


Samsung and Atlantis The Royal have brought new creative concepts to life through this collaboration, delivering an unmatched luxury experience for guests while redefining the future of hospitality.

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