Samsung’s Triangle Air Conditioner offers 5 interesting features

on June 26, 2014
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Recently, we’ve went over what makes Samsung’s Triangle Air Conditioner so cool. More specifically, we went over the key cooling technology and design of it. However, there is more to it. Samsung’s Triangle Air Conditioner offers 5 features that will make your summer much cooler and there are quite interesting. Check it out.

①        Low Electricity Cost with the Single User Mode

This air conditioner may be the right one for those living alone. Thanks to the single user mode, users can save up to 26% on energy, as the air conditioner adjusts cooling capacity to match the number of fit it on the users, with using less power.

Low Electricity Cost with the Single User Mode

Nevertheless, this air conditioner can also cool every corner of the room for the whole family, so this cooling device is for everyone.

②        Easy to Control with Samsung Smart Air Conditioner App

Easy to Control with Samsung Smart Air Conditioner App

In the hot summer, wouldn’t you like to go into your house that is cool already when you return after an exhausting day? Now you can! It features a smart air conditioner app! You can easily turn on this new air conditioner and set the temperature and operation mode while you are driving home from work. Your sweat will be dry and you’ll be comfortable within minutes after entering your cool house.

③        Goodbye Restless Nights with good’sleep

Goodbye Restless Nights with good’sleep

Are you fed up with waking up to turn on and off the air conditioner whenever you feel very cold or hot during the summer nights? Well, with this new air conditioner, you would not have to sleep fitfully anymore thanks to the good’sleep feature. This unique feature ensures your environment to will stay at the most comfortable temperature based on the average sleep cycle with automatic moisture adjustment. Now you would be able to have a good sleep even during the scorching summer nights.

④        More Concentration on Work with Silence Technology

More Concentration on Work with Silence Technology

You may once have been annoyed with a noisy air conditioner at home or in the office and could not concentrate on your work. To lessen noise pollution, Samsung integrated the silence technology into the new air conditioner. With a stronger and more stable inner structure, the new air conditioner vibrates less and makes creates only minor noise (only 16dB). This is even quieter than the library, which is 40dB on average. This allows users to focus on their chores more easily and complete their tasks quickly, enjoying both the cool and the quiet.

⑤        Easy Installation and Filtering

Easy Installation and Filtering

This air conditioner can be installed easily without having plate hanger to fit the indoor unit anymore. Wires and pipes can also be connected easily, by just opening the bottom cover and connecting the wires and pipe. In terms of maintaining the filter, users don’t need to open the grille like before. The filters can be easily taken out, enabling users to save both time and effort.

Using the new air conditioner allows users to be cool for a longer period, save on electricity costs, and sleep well. Why not try using this air conditioner this summer? If you’re looking for a more comfortable summer, look no further than Samsung’s new triangular air conditioner.

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