Samsung×HotDocs Collaboration Premieres at Canada’s Renowned International Documentary Festival

on August 23, 2018
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A screenshot from The Little Trumpet Boy by Charles Officer, featuring 17-year old William Leathers, a boy with perfect pitch and synaesthesia


Samsung Canada has introduced an exciting collaboration project – documentary films shot entirely on smartphone devices. Samsung reached out to six unique content creators for this effort: filmmakers Nimisha Mukerji, Charles Officer and Yung Chang, as well as YouTube creators Sabrina Cruz, Corey Vidal and Emile Roy.


The documentary project was intended to show how easy it is to tell a story using Samsung’s innovative features. Filmmakers Nimisha Mukerji, Charles Officer, Yung Chang and YouTuber Emile Roy used the Galaxy Note 8 devices, while YouTube creators Sabrina Cruz and Corey Vidal used the Galaxy S9+ to depict their unique styles to tell their stories.


The six-part documentary series was screened at the Hot Docs Festival, the largest documentary festival in North America, which was held in Toronto from April 26 to May 6 this year. Each director brought a different perspective to the human experience with their work. The Little Trumpet Boy by Charles Officer introduced 17-year old William Leathers, a boy with perfect pitch and synaesthesia. Award-winning film and television director Nimisha Mukerji shot a personal documentary chronicling her pregnancy, while Sabrina Cruz, best known for her YouTube channel NerdyandQuirky, created a piece titled Sourtoe Cocktail about her quest to the Yukon to get a taste of the world famous “Sourtoe Cocktail,” seasoned with an amputated toe that has been dehydrated and preserved in salt. Yung Chang created Home Movie, featuring a memorable movie for his daughter, and Corey Vidal’s video titled Remembering takes a very personal trip down memory lane using his Galaxy S9+. All of these documentaries can be seen online for free on the Samsung Canada YouTube channel.


Among the documentaries, The Little Trumpet Boy and Home Movie touched the heart of a representative from EBS, an educational television and radio network in Korea. As a result, the two documentaries are scheduled to be screened at the upcoming 18th EBS International Documentary Festival (EIDF) that will be held from August 20 to 26 in Goyang, Korea.

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