SIM! A Fresh Wave of Creativity from Portugal

on November 1, 2011
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Remember how we talked about linking Art to IT and how it makes sense last month (3D Sneak Preview of the’Cabinet of Curiousities)? Well here’s another one.


SIM, Portuguese for YES, which shows strong agreement and a positive philosophy, is a campaign struck up by Samsung Portugal to send messages of positivity in the form of art. Creative individuals were invited to use their imagination and ingenuity to combine various industry technologies, such as art, visual art and design, marketing, advertisement, television and radio, fashion, music, and architecture, with traditional art, culture and other information.


It was held in form of an open art contest for entrepreneurship in the creative area for all artists that have a project and need a sponsor. There were numerous entries of project overviews and business models and Samsung Portugal is now in the process of evaluating the pieces in order to determine the 25,000 €-winner.



In these videos featuring professional artists, Samsung products were presented to consumers from an entirely new perspective, letting artists use various product features to create works of art. Here we share them below:
SIM by Paulo Arraiano



Using visual art and architecture, a new form of product has been created. Moving away from the canvas, the product itself became the canvas, putting art and product together to create something completely new. The process to make it was captured on video, posted on Youtube, and can now be viewed and shared all over the world. The artist, Paulo Arraiano, is known for his unique images, and his reputation was enough to get people curious about the work. It is expected to take off on social media channels.




SIM by Noiserv


This video shows the combination of Samsung electronic products with music and performance art. Music was created using unique sounds made by the Samsung products, and the video clip was posted on YouTube. There have been performance art pieces using vegetables, kitchen utensils, and even cars, but this was the first time for such a video to be created using only the sounds of various IT products. This blending of familiar sounds in a unique manner naturally piqued the curiosity of many people, and the video is expected to spread virally. It is also expected to receive much attention for its reimagining of various products’ sounds, placing them in a new context and bringing about a truly creative piece of video.



These videos capture not only beautiful art projects, but speak to a larger creative philosophy at Samsung. Taking something familiar and reimagining its place in the world, we are able to improve our services, continue to innovate, and make positive contributions to the world around us.


Ending this post, we’d like to share one more video, a promotional music video for… well, of course, Sim!


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