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on July 12, 2017
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Samsung’s new Soundbar Sound+ (MS750, MS751) recently launched in Korea and in the US, further adding to the company’s robust lineup of Soundbar Sound+. The Soundbar Sound+, Samsung’s first soundbar to embed the subwoofer directly into the compact body, enters the soundbar market as the most complete all-in-one model when considering its combination of price, design and audio performance. Featuring a compact and elegant design along with Samsung’s most advanced audio technologies to date, the new Soundbar Sound+ is far from your ordinary soundbar.



Expand Your Sound Stage

The Soundbar Sound+ offers listeners an expanded sound stage to create a rich and immersive surround sound environment. The 5 channel (front left/front right/center/top left/top right) soundbar boasts a total of 11 speaker units, each with dedicated amplifiers, including 3 wide-range tweeters, 6 woofers, and 2 vertical wide-range tweeters.


The vertical tweeters situated on top of the unit and spray audio vertically to expand the sound image, making it feel as though you are watching on a larger screen than you really are.


Additionally, the vertical tweeters feature ‘Height Channel Up-mix’ technology, which allows you to enjoy a 3D surround sound as if you are actually experiencing sound of a flight or a bird over the sky.




Deep and Detailed UHQ Audio Upscaling

The Soundbar Sound+ features Ultra High Quality (UHQ) 32-bit audio, which provides a crisper sound, and allows listeners to experience audio nearest to its original recording quality. Samsung’s new soundbar Sound+ not only upscales any music content to 32-bit detail sound, it also reproduces deep and detailed bass to as low as 35Hz.



Samsung’s long-excursion technology increases the depth of the speaker movement, thereby allowing them to deliver more powerful bass. Moreover, by replacing the traditional subwoofer with 6 (2” x 4.3”) woofers, Samsung’s ‘multi-speaker control’ technology enables the multi-array speaker units to move simultaneously, further deepening bass reproduction capabilities.


To reproduce such deep and detailed bass from its compact 3-inch body, Samsung put advanced acoustic technologies from its own Audio Lab to work. The company’s proprietary distortion cancelling technology eliminates low frequency distortion by predicting the distortion at the end of the speaker movement and pre-adjusting upfront. The resulting lows are smooth and distortion free, meaning listeners can enjoy bass-heavy content as it was meant to be heard.


However, to fully enjoy one’s listening experience, audio systems must provide clear and accurate highs together with distortion-free lows. Samsung’s new soundbar Sound+ easily accomplishes this through 3 wide range tweeters that create wider sound dispersion from the source (cross-over range 600Hz ~ 20kHz), resulting in consistently great sound no matter where one sits.



A Streamlined Audio Experience


All-in-one experience of the Soundbar Sound+ enhances its stylish exterior design and streamlines both its set-up and usage.


Samsung Soundbar Sound+ Mount Kit* allows audiophiles to quickly mount the soundbar directly to their TV by affixing it to the VESA mounting holes. The cable included in the Samsung Soundbar Sound+ Mount Kit enables a single cord connection by having the TV power cord go directly into the Soundbar Sound+, leaving your living room looking neat and uncluttered.


To facilitate a more intuitive user experience, the Soundbar Sound+ allows users to conveniently control both their TV and the soundbar, including advanced audio settings, all through a single remote. The Soundbar analyzes the sound and sets various modes automatically according to the sound characteristics such as movie or music.


“The Soundbar Sound+ delivers clear, crisp, immersive sound yet with improved space constraints from subwoofers,” said Jurack Chae, Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will expand its influence in the audio industry by leveraging our technological prowess to produce exceptional sounding audio equipment designed for consumer’s lifestyle.”


Samsung will continue to unveil innovative audio devices, including the new Wireless Audio, which will be released next year.



*Soundbar Sound+ Mount Kit, WMN300SB sold separately (only compatible with Soundbar Sound+ series)


**Cable is included in the Soundbar Sound+ Mount Kit, WMN300SB

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