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Slimmer and Faster: Samsung Announces High-performance mSATA SSDs for Ultra-Slim Laptop PCs

on December 05, 2011

Slimmer and Faster: Samsung Announces High-performance mSATA SSDs for Ultra-Slim Laptop PCs

Samsung Electronics is happy to announce volume production of SSDs (solid state drives) that support the Mini-Serial ATA (mSATA) interface. The drives are designed for use in ultra-slim laptop PCs such as Ultrabook™. What does this mean for PC users? Read on!




Mass production of SATA SSDs in 256/128/64/32GB


Combining Samsung’s new high-performance mSATA SSDs with the latest multi-core processors will help PC manufacturers to substantially improve performance of their Ultrabook-class portable PCs, matching that of laptop PCs in meeting ever-increasing consumer needs.


The new Samsung mSATA SSDs will be available in 256, 128 and 64 gigabyte (GB) densities as main storage devices, and also at 32GB for caching. They measure 50.95 x 30 x 3.8 millimeters and weigh a mere eight grams.


The new SSDs will be part of the highly popular Samsung PM830 product family that was introduced earlier this year. They make use of Samsung’s advanced 20 nanometer class** NAND flash memory components which incorporate the toggle DDR interface.




The industry’s highest sequential read and write speeds


Utilizing high-performance SATA 6Gb/s controllers based on Samsung’s own technology, the new mSATA SSDs can operate at the industry’s highest sequential read and write speeds of 500 megabytes per second (MB/s) and of 260MB/s respectively, under optimum conditions. This is more than six times the speed of hard disk drives, which typically offer a data transfer rate of 80MB/s. The Samsung SSDs also enable faster system boot-ups (in the 10-second range) and are able to transmit five DVD-size files in about a minute.



An advanced hardware-based security solution


In addition, the Samsung mSATA SSDs feature an advanced hardware-based security solution including 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) protection, which will prevent unauthorized access to data on a lost or stolen laptop PC.



Beginning this year, the market for Ultrabook-class mobile PCs has been growing rapidly thanks to outstanding performance characteristics, more advanced processors and expected use of the Windows 8 operating system. According to market research firm IHS iSuppli, the Ultrabook share of global laptop shipments will exceed 40 percent in 2015.





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The mSATA PM830 SSDs are available only to OEMs for installation in new PCs or other devices.

** 20 nanometer class means a process technology node somewhere between 20 and 29 nanometers
Ultrabook™ is a trademark of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.



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