Smart TV: Piece by Piece

on September 23, 2011 by Abraham Pai
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*This article is based on a product available in the Korean market. Specifics such as design, features, components, etc may differ by region.




According to a market survey of the first half of the year, Samsung’s Smart TV was selected as the most frequently chosen smart TV by consumers around the world, including U.S. and European markets. So, what is the secret behind the popularity of Samsung’s Smart TV?  How has it successfully created a new TV market, causing a “Smart TV Syndrome”  around the world? A lot of people seemed to have enjoyed our GALAXY S II Teardown, so we did the same with a Samsung Smart TV.


The Samsung Smart TV consists of 2500 high-tech components, which are assemblies of TV hardware and software technologies. These components are put together in order to actualize cutting-edge ‘Design’, ‘Smartness’ and ‘3D picture quality’.


The ‘Secret Design’ of the 5mm ultra-slim bezel is a result of innovation accomplished by a long period of research on the whole process of Cell (Glass), BLU, molding, and manufacturing technologies. It shows a differentiated design capability from 2006’s Bordeaux TV, something Samsung’s competitors have not been able to duplicate.


‘Samsung Apps TV’, an exclusive app store for Samsung Smart TV, has categories such as videos, games, sports, and information. As of the end of August, roughly 900 diverse TV applications are being provided in 120 countries worldwide, and there are plans to secure more than one thousand apps by the end of this year.


Finally, picture clarity is of the utmost importance, and this Smart TV includes a 3D function that provides full HD picture quality. Samsung Smart TV gives a comfortable vivid 3D viewing by eliminating Cross-Talk phenomenon, giving life to full HD resolution and providing broad viewing angles in both general 2D images and 3D images.  To do this, Samsung used ‘Smart Real Motion’, which has a crystal black panel, 3D hyper real engine, and a speed backlight.


And now, the feature presentation!



■ Disassembling Smart TV Product Components – Let’s break it down:



1. Bezel
Users can be totally absorbed in 3D content because the TV’s screen appears almost edgeless thanks to the 5mm ultra slim bezel. This bezel is thinner than a pencil! The exterior is shock resistant thanks to the real metal materials that have been used.


2. Crystal black panel (Cell)
As an unparalleled core technology of Samsung for realizing the goal of a 5mm bezel, precise connection processes such as ultra miniaturization of liquid crystal driver’s circuit pattern, panel drive, film, and glass were applied.


3. Frame Middle Mold
Frame Middle Mold plays a role of supporting the core components such as LED, Light Guide Plate, film, and cell.


4. Optical Sheet
The efficiency of the LED light source is increased and a degree of uniformity for brightness is maintained on all sides by implementing a micro lens molding technique.


5. LGP (Light Guide Plate)
As an optical component responsible for uniform distribution of LED light source to the overall display, this feature optimizes 3D picture quality with fine molding patterns.


6. LED
The world’s first high efficiency, low power consumption, ultra slim LED increases light efficiency by 30%.


7. Bottom Chassis
Bottom Chassis is an optical component loaded with Cell and circuit object, and a central frame for the connection with system components. It is made with aluminum, which is valued for its high strength and ability to tolerate heat.


8. Middle Cover
A smooth rear design without any joints was designed by applying reinforced plastics in the areas between the bezel and rear cover.


9. Rear Cover
Weight is minimized and recycling is made possible by using an eco-friendly steel sheet with a thickness of 0.45mm.



10. Main Circuit Board (Main board)
The core components, including around 1,200 semiconductors, are applied to the board which is integrated with design technology.


11. Smart Real Engine
As a core part of Samsung’s internalization component, the Smart Real Engine is equivalent to the TV’s brain, which differentiates Samsung Smart TV’s picture quality from any other Smart TV.


12. Speed Backlight Engine
This component improves the contrast ratio of the picture quality and reduces power consumption by adjusting LED light source’s brightness depending on image input.


13. Tuner/Jack
The horizontal component makes slim wall mounting installation possible (this is what people mean when they talk about “picture frame” TV design).


– Tuner: As a component for TV signal reception, the tuner’s size and thickness have been minimized.
– HDMI: 4 HDMI terminals are supported for connection with various digital peripherals.
– USB: Industry-leading 3 terminals support connection with video telephone camera (MoIP), HDD, 3D glasses, etc.


14. 3D Hyper Real Engine
This is one of Samsung’s core parts which enables high 3D picture quality, operates a 240Hz panel drive, and features 3D images and the 2D→3D conversion function.


15. Power Board
This circuit board supplies power to the light source cell and the main board.  Power efficiency is maximized with enhanced new material components.


16. Ambient Light Sensor
This allows for adjustment of the optimal brightness of the screen depending on the exterior brightness. Over 40% of energy consumption can be saved compared to other TVs.



17. Bluetooth Module
This increases convenience by connecting wireless 3D glasses and QWERTY remote control with the TV.


18. WiFi Module
This feature enables wireless internet TV, and an optimized smart TV environment.


19. Speakers
By using ultra slim 2-way speakers, the wider playback bandwidth and excellent articulation make the sound from the device as close to the original sound as possible.


20. Quad Stand
The chrome metal stand seamlessly integrates with the ultra slim bezel to enhance the outstanding design.


21. Operation Touch Button
0.5mm thick film-type touch and proximity sensor are applied to increase convenience and ease of access.


22. Video Telephone Camera (MoIP)
Equipped with USB, free video telephone with HD picture quality is possible through Smart TV.


23. Wall Mount
Up to 200kg of weight can be handled with a wire-type wall mount. It’s easy to hang the TV on the wall just like a picture frame, and space utilization is increased by significantly decreasing the distance between the TV’s back and surface of the wall to just 15mm.


24. QWERTY Remote Control
As an independent input device for the Smart TV, you can navigate your TV the same way you navigate a web browser. The remote control allows for easy text input using the remote control’s LCD window and Bluetooth.


25. 3D Glasses
Optimized 3D picture quality and resistance to exterior interference is achieved by the world’s first application of Bluetooth to 3D glasses. These 3D glasses are comfortable to wear with the lightest lens and a premium design.  They also feature automatic power on/off by using an acceleration sensor to detect motion.


*All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this contents including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to the country where you are located.

by Abraham Pai

Corporate Communications, Samsung Electronics

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