[SMC 2011] Behind the Scenes of “Under Construction”

on December 7, 2011
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Once we were known as “Anycall Dreamers,” (now “Mobilers”) full of passion and drive, ambassadors for Samsung phones.


Two years later we entered the “real world” and got jobs.  We watched others follow in our “Anycall” footsteps.  But for us, the opportunity to re-experience those fun times we had has come at last!


The 2011 Samsung Mobilers Challenge allowed former Anycall Dreamers to form a 3 person team to work on a creative project.  At first we were a bit wary.  We all had jobs and busy lives now so could we still muster the creative energy to do a good job…?



We decided YES!  


Our mission was to create a promotional video for the Galaxy S2 HD LTE.


The excitement of starting a new project led to plenty of creative ideas, and we decided to create our video using stop-motion animation.  Of course, this would turn out to be considerably more difficult than expected.  Our concept for the video was the construction of the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE Smartphone, but we wanted to do it in a “fun” way so we opted to use toy figures of construction workers and equipment.  Since we were all busy during the weekdays, we decided to sacrifice a weekend for the project, renting a room where we could work together for 48 hours straight.



Soon the room became a disaster zone of toys and recording equipment.



From the get-go we were confronted with an unexpected problem.  The action figures, our “actors,” could not stand.  We were shocked to find out that these brawny, tough men that looked like they could lift anything could not even stand on their own.



It was brought to the point where even our most even-tempered team member was screaming “WHY WON’T YOU STAND?!” at the poor inanimate action figure.



We were finally forced to stick tacks on their feet to force them to stand.



Forgoing sleep in order to continue filming, our appearance became increasingly haggard.  The team was composed of two women and one man.  Later the man confessed that “the hardest part was not staying up all night, but having to see the women without makeup and their bangs pinned to top of their heads.”


After 48 hours of hard work, we were finally done.  Less than a day after we uploaded it on youtube, it was featured on a foreign blog, much to our pride.





The soundtrack for the video may sound familiar.  This is because we used the Samsung’s main sound logo that’s been used since the debut of the Galaxy S.  It’s what you hear whenever you turn a Samsung product on or off.


Well, we hope you enjoyed the video!  Though it was a lot of hard work, the Samsung Mobilers Challenge gave us the opportunity to come together and work on a rewarding creative project and we hope to do it again next year.



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