3D Sneak Preview of the’Cabinet of Curiousities(Kunstkammer)

on September 30, 2011
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Yes it makes sense for a tech company to forge a connection with the art world. Samsung is partnering with the Kunsthistorisches Museum(Museum of Fine Arts, Vienna) to offer a sneak 3D preview of the soon-to-be reopened Kunstkammer exhibit. The countdown to the opening of the exhibit has started – from December 2012 Vienna’s world- famous Chamber of Art will be accessible after having been closed for 10 years. Samsung is thrilled to be a part of this exciting countdown and merging of art and technology.


Until the exhibit is finally open again, Samsung, by taking advantage of the most cutting-edge technology available: the Samsung TV equipped with the latest 3D technology will offer visitors a unique perspective on what the exhibition will actually be like. Visitors are literally able to peek into a large box in front of the museum and view the exhibit through the spectrum of 3D.



After the sneak preview, in December 2012, the 1200 square-meter hall starring 2200 exhibits will be open.



The Vienna Collection of Sculpture and Decorative Arts features unique objects of extraordinary quality, which were commissioned or purchased by the emperor or members of the imperial family. Among the highlights in the Collection of Sculpture and Decorative Arts are outstanding crafts made of of gold, such as the famous Saliera by Benvenuto Cellini.  There are also first-rate specimens of sculpture, such as the Krumau Madonna, masterly bronze statuettes, filigree and bizarre ivory objects and stone vessels, as well as precious clocks, remarkable scientific instruments, antique games and much more. The collection at Ambras is the only chamber of art from the Mannerist era to have been preserved at its original location, and is thus of inestimable value.



The beautiful and the extraordinary, the brave and the innovative, the excellent and the exceptional can be found through the exploration and observation of art. Art develops by itself, goes down unknown paths, and rejects old ideas to develop something new. Just like the efforts and motivation of Samsung Electronics. Always with one foot in the future, the company explores possibilities and ideas to stay ahead of the time we live in.



Golden bicycle helmets, like the one the Austrian Minister of Culture is holding, are sold to help fund the project(http://www.kkhm.at/). One can tell how much the people cherish these pieces of art.


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Click here to see more pictures from the Kunsthistorishches.

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