Solve for Tomorrow, a Milestone To Empower the Next STEM Leaders

on November 6, 2023
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Empowering young minds globally and celebrating 10 years journey in Latin America

In a world where innovation and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education are key drivers of progress, Samsung Electronics’ Solve for Tomorrow achieves a momentous milestone this year its 10th anniversary in Latin America. Although this celebration is regional, the program has empowered young minds around the world.


In recent years, Samsung has earned over ten awards not for its products but for the transformative influence of its unique educational initiative, Solve for Tomorrow. This program encourages participants to apply STEM knowledge to address societal challenges and develop crucial skills such as teamwork, critical thinking and creativity. To celebrate this special milestone in Latin America, Samsung Newsroom is taking a moment to reflect on a decade of progress.



▲ Samsung Vietnam is recognized at the 15th Annual Global CSR & ESG Summit and Awards 2023.


Solve for Tomorrow began in the United States with a noble mission to empower younger generations through STEM education. The program has expanded its horizons since 2010, reaching across borders and sparking the imaginations of children on a global scale.


As of 2022, more than 2.3 million students have participated in Solve for Tomorrow. This momentum is set to continue as Solve for Tomorrow strives to inspire curiosity, foster creative thinking and provide students with the necessary tools to tackle real-world challenges.



Voices of the Innovators of Tomorrow

The students of Solve for Tomorrow share a strong passion for STEM and goodwill to create positive change in society. With newfound knowledge and skills, they have made tangible differences in their communities and industries.



Victoria Stanisławska, a 17-year-old who was a runner-up in the inaugural Solve for Tomorrow competition in Poland, recently earned a place in Forbes’ “23 Women Worth Following in 2023” list. “My participation in Solve for Tomorrow inspired me to expand my knowledge about environmental protection and teamwork,” said Victoria as she reflected on her experience. “It was a great intellectual adventure with a valuable opportunity to acquire new skills.”



In Kazakhstan, Alikhan Madibekov attributes his true passion for science to the transformative impact of the competition on his community. He developed an online solution to involve the elderly in the digital space but narrowly missed the Solve for Tomorrow finals. Undeterred, he continued to innovate leading to a series of achievements in youth psychology and astronomy for his STEM solutions. These accomplishments have earned him recognition from NASA and Rise, a collaborative initiative of Schmidt Futures and the Rhodes Trust that is funded by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt. In addition, he founded the International Children’s Rights Club through UNICEF, a non-profit providing free psychological support to those who cannot afford it. “Thank you very much to Samsung for helping me reach my potential,” said Alikhan. “Solve for Tomorrow was the catalyst that pushed me forward.”



Driven by a deep connection with their local community, César Rodríguez, Gabriel Torres, Neitan Morales and Sebastián Quesada, accompanied by Professor Yamil Vega from Costa Rica, emerged as the 2022 Solve for Tomorrow champions in Latin America. Their winning project, Aquagraf, seeks to address regional water contamination issues and improve the well-being of their community. “Our mission is to make a meaningful impact on society. Solve for Tomorrow not only boosted our self-confidence but also ignited our passion for driving positive change within our community. It gave us the tools and a platform to turn our aspirations into reality,” shared the team. “We’re eager to see the various innovations that we and our peers develop to address the challenges facing our world and society.”



Education Knows No Borders


Samsung Solve for Tomorrow continues to evolve, both in terms of quality and quantity expanding into Latin America in 2013 and strengthening its presence in the region for a decade.


On November 1, Samsung hosted an exciting event that brought together Solve for Tomorrow winners from various Latin American countries. This marked the inaugural continental Solve for Tomorrow event, where winners from 10 Latin American countries gathered to discuss their experiences. At the event, the 2016 Argentine champion Valentina Avetta shared her inspiring journey.


“While I was managing my diabetes with insulin, I had a lightbulb moment, conceiving the idea for a thermochromic sensor designed to safeguard biosynthetic insulin from harm,” she explained. “After winning Solve for Tomorrow, I had the opportunity to further develop this project into a university thesis.”


“We believe that the next generation of leaders will be the catalyst for a brighter future,” said Mario Laffitte, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Latin America. “It is our mission to empower young people who have the potential to solve the world’s problems.”


In 2024, the program will expand to other continents, fostering new levels of global collaboration.


Solve for Tomorrow had already left its mark in 20 countries by 2020. However, in less than a decade, the competition has experienced exponential growth globally. Today, the program operates in a total of 64 countries  with South Africa, the Netherlands and Indonesia joining the ranks in 2023.


Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is not only remarkable in its scale but also in the rich educational experiences it offers. The initiative breathes life into engaging and inspiring activities for students, such as workshops, Design Thinking training and mentorship programs. These activities equip students with the knowledge and skills to tackle complex societal challenges through STEM solutions  transforming them from mere learners into proactive problem solvers addressing the issues facing society.


Among the various benefits, mentorship is recognized as the students’ favorite. Experts in the fields of design, tech and marketing actively engage with students through workshops, providing insights and broadening their perspectives. In addition, program participants value the guidance from Samsung employees who advise on projects and share their expertise with contestants.


Samsung’s vision for the future remains laser-focused on youth empowerment by nurturing young minds to ensure they are at the forefront of innovation. Join us in celebrating Solve for Tomorrow’s milestone and its enduring impact on shaping the next generation of STEM leaders who will continue to solve the challenges of tomorrow to make the world a better place for all.

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