Solve For Tomorrow: In Search of Young Entrepreneurs in Mexico

on June 7, 2014
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To help people discover a world of possibilities, Samsung has made it its mission to raise student interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) subjects through an innovative program named “Solve For Tomorrow”. This project started in the United States in 2010, and was launched in Mexico this year. Let’s see what the project involves.

“Solve For Tomorrow”

On May 13th, Samsung Electronics Mexico (SEM) announced a project “Solve For Tomorrow (Soluciones Para El Futuro)”. To foster an entrepreneurial culture, the project encourages students in 120 technical schools to participate in the competition of science, mathematics, and technology.

Solutiones Para El Futuro

▲“Solve For Tomorrow (Soluciones Para El Futuro)”

Solutiones Para El Futuro: "Your project of science and technology can change the world."

“Your project of science and technology can change the world.”

This project was born from a partnership between Samsung Electronics Mexico, the Communication Council, and the Secondary School of Technics. Since all of three recognized the need for creating an entrepreneurial culture among students, they were able to cooperate with the common long-term goals of improving the community, environment, and the quality of life through the project.

Stages of the Competition

The competition consists of five phases.

Solutiones Para El Futuro: The Official Website

▲The official website

1. Online application on the “Solve For Tomorrow” official website

2. Presentation of projects

*Participants will be given projects in the areas of: Technological Innovation, Mini Robotics, Environmental Care, Hydroponics, Health Technologies, Recreational Rehab Services, Information Technology and Communication, Construction Technologies, Food Technology, and Agricultural Technologies.

3. Top 20 projects will be selected.

4. The 20 projects will be narrowed down to Top 5 by the juries, composed of representatives from: Ashoka, Information Technology Industry (AMITI), Mexican Institute for the Competitiveness (IMCO), World Youth Expo (WYE) and WAYRA.

5. Via the voting through SNS, the winning project will be selected.

Not only does this project gather different sectors of society by encouraging young entrepreneurs to implement their ideas, but also it offers them the opportunities to open their own business.

Entrepreneurship for making a better community

At the exclusive showroom of SEM, the event began with the speeches from principal attendees: Angel Alverde (President of the Communication Council), Hector Jung (President of Samsung Electronics Mexico), Manuel Salgado (General Director of the Secondary School of Technics), Salvador Villalobos (Executive President of the Communication Council), and Jonatan Hernandez (founder of DerTek, a company that produces and commercializes the advanced biofuels).

Solutiones Para El Futuro: Jonatan Hernandez, Manuel Salgado, Hector Jung, Ana Francisca Vega, Angel Alverde, and Salvador Villalobos

For Samsung Electronics, this project has a special meaning. As a global company that leads innovation in technology, Samsung has been working to improve the quality of education through its digital solutions. It has offered various educational infrastructure for schools in different areas of world and in rural districts. “Samsung exists to inspire the community through the development of new technologies,” said Hector Jung, emphasizing the corporation’s huge commitment to educational development. He also mentioned that “Solve For Tomorrow” can cause great changes by giving broader opportunities to the talented youth who are passionate about building a better community.

Solutiones Para El Futuro: Hector Jung (Samsung Electronics Mexico), Angel Alverde (Communication Council), Manuel Salgado (Secondary School of Technics)

As an extension of the effort to promote entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture in society through some similar projects which help open new businesses and strengthen existing ones, “Solve For Tomorrow” is another window of opportunity in which to make their views known. “Since science and technology are essential in social development, we have a firm belief of the positive impact this project has. By encouraging innovations in significant areas, it will lead the welfare of society,” said Angel Alverde of the Community Council.

Also, Manuel Salgado, General Director of the Secondary School of Technics, added his speech: “This project aims to promote social entrepreneurship and demonstrate that science and technology can encourage the youth of today to improve our environment. In that sense, the participants of the contest will get to approach their community by sharing their experiences. As a result, they will be able to strengthen their social identity.”

▲Official video of Solve For Tomorrow (Spanish)

By sharing experiences and creating values, young participants will not only improve their talents in science and technology but also strengthen their social identity and sense of belonging. This December when the project comes to a finish, how will math and science support the environment and community of Mexico? You are always welcomed to look forward to the young entrepreneurs’ ideas!

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