Start Your Adventure in the Odyssey Ark’s Multi-Universe

on August 22, 2022
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The Odyssey Ark, a groundbreaking gaming screen, was released to make every gamer’s dream come true.


Along with 4K resolution and the 165Hz refresh rate, the world’s first 55-inch, 1000R curved gaming screen delivers a brand new gaming experience. The Odyssey Ark is equipped with innovative, high-performance gaming features, providing enhanced graphics and an upgraded gaming experience for gamers to enjoy while in the midst of intense gameplay.


Together with Odyssey Ark, gamers will dive into an uncharted multi-universe experience and discover the new features throughout the three worlds of the Ark-verse: Gaming Universe for gamers who value an optimized gaming environment, Cinematic Universe for gamers who value immersive experiences and sound quality and Multi-task Universe for gamers who value easy control and screen usability.


Create an optimal gaming environment with the 55-inch gaming screen that can be scaled to 27-inches. Users can choose a screen ratio between 16:9, 21:9 or 32:9. Four surround-sound speakers fill gamers’ peripheral vision for a truly immersive experience. Multi View allows users to use the large screen to its full potential by displaying up to four screens all at once while horizontal, or three while in Cockpit Mode.


Gamers can start a new, personalized adventure today in the Ark-verse with Odyssey Ark.


A Whole New World of Fun With Samsung Odyssey Ark ARK-VERSE
In 2022, Odyssey Ark was born, offering a bold new experience
Gaming Universe
Cinematic Universe
Multi-task Universe
A new, multi-universe experience awaits enjoy games in a whole new way!Are you ready?
Welcome to the Ark-verse!

Hold Your Breath Dive In 01 Dive into the game with 55-inch 4K 165hz Play 4K games smoothly with a 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time no more lag! Optimized for Gamers Faster speeds on a bigger screen? Yes, please!
02 Optimal setup for your game Flex Move Screen Optimize screen size from 55” to 27” Find the best size or switch it up! Choose the perfect ratio (16:9, 21:9, 32:9) *9:32, 9:21, 9:16, 21:9, 32:9 in Cockpit Mode * Adjusting the screen ratio can be done through Game Bar or Quick Settings
03 Game Bar Easy, quick settings for true gamers Monitor your gaming status and optimize settings easily and quickly without leaving the game screen * Game Bar supports PC & console gaming, but not the Gaming Hub MiniMap Zoomㅣ GAME MODE SETTING Enlarge the Mini map, the Status bar for skills and Chat area on the upper part of the screen Active Ambientㅣ GAME MODE SETTING Reduce the screen size and choose a cool background To get fully immersed in the game!
200% Useful TIP Stream games on Samsung Gaming Hub and enjoy zero limits on downloads and storage!

Are you excited about Odyssey Ark’s Gaming Universe? You are a True Gamer who values an optimized gaming environment! Want to know more about other Ark Universes?Click the Universe button

Enter Your Own Personal Cinema With an Immersive Screen and Sound 01 Welcome to the world’s 1st 55” 1000R curved screen Imagine having your own home cinema with a large screen that fills your peripheral vision for an immersive experience
02 Delivering heart-pounding bass. Sound Dome Tech Four speakers, one at each corner, and two woofers make you feel like you’re surrounded by the screen! DolbyAtmos® DolbyAtmos along with speakers and woofers. Produce cinematic surround sound! Quad Object Tracking Sound Sound that follows on-screen objects for an added thrill
03 Minimizing glare. Matte Display Matte Display reduces light reflection and glare, helping you focus on winning the game! Feel comfortable while you game Whether you’re under strong sunlight or in the dark

Are you excited about Odyssey Ark’s Cinematic Universe? You are a True Gamer who values immersive experiences and sound quality! Want to know more about other Ark Universes? Click the Universe button

Flexible Interface To Personalize Your Experience. 01 Hop in the driver’s seat! Cockpit Mode. Rotate the 55” screen vertically for a whole new perspective. A new world of screens. It feels liking flying. Inside a cockpit! 200% Useful TIP. Eclipse lighting at the top and bottom side of the screen changes color by mimicking the colors found within the game.
02 Four screens at once Multi View. Maximize your use of the large 55” screen by playing on up to four screens at once (Three screens in Cockpit Mode). PC / Mobile Mirroring: Enjoy multitasking on a smartphone or multiple PC screens by displaying them all on the same screen. Real Multitasking: Watch, browse, stream and listen, all while playing a game!
03 Quick and easy control Ark Dial. Control a variety of settings with ease. A solar-powered controller that automatically charges without a battery. 1) Flex Move Screen: Adjust screen size and position. 2) Multi View: Play on up to four screens at once. 3) Quick Setting: Quickly control basic settings. 4) Game Bar: Control game settings without leaving the screen

Are you excited about Odyssey Ark’s Multi-task Universe? You are a True Gamer who values easy control and screen usability! Want to know more about other Ark Universes? Click the Universe button

With Odyssey Ark, any gamer can enjoy a new level of entertainment. Start your adventure as an Ark gamer today!

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