Sustainability Through Durability, Samsung’s 20-Year Commitment

on August 22, 2022
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At Bespoke Home 2022 in June, Samsung introduced its vision for sustainable solutions at home based on the Bespoke concept of flexible appliances that adapt to provide efficient home care solutions as lives evolve. This concept includes reducing waste by extending the lifespan of Samsung’s appliances through reliability as frequent replacement of home appliances not only costs time and energy but also produces physical waste. Samsung is further combating this waste with sustainable solutions based on durability backed by the company’s class-leading 20-year warranty1 for the Digital Inverter Technologies2 in its washer, dryer and refrigerator, going into effect July 1.




Investing in Quality

Samsung is devoted to providing high-quality, durable appliances that improve the lives of users at home, and the 20-year warranty on the key components of major appliances serves as evidence.


While the warranty initially started as a 10-year warranty for both Europe and the U.S., this increase of up to 20-years reflects Samsung’s confidence and commitment to its products.


The start of this commitment began with research and development. Through decades of continued investment, Samsung is able to offer consumers appliances that pair the most advanced Samsung technologies with beautiful designs that elevate the home experience. This is evidenced by the latest kitchen and living appliances.




From refrigerators to washers, every Samsung product goes through a rigorous quality assurance phase during which the products are tested to ensure they will function properly for many years. This process is one of the key reasons why Samsung products are recognized for their quality.


Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technologies (DIT), specifically, are the result of the company’s investment into quality.



Durability Derived From Decades of Innovation

Digital Inverter Technology is an essential core component of the appliances they power. Built on more than 25 years of research and development, DIT affects everything from energy efficiency to performance as well as the durability of major appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. As such, protecting the integrity of this core component, with a 20-year warranty, extends the use period of appliances, offers peace of mind for users through reliability and reduces environmental waste. To get a better understanding, let’s find out what digital inverters are and how they work.


In washing machines, the DIT comes in the form of a Digital Inverter Motor (DIM) used to spin and pulsate the drum of the washing machine during laundry cycles. Samsung’s decades long research and expert engineering mean that its DIMs are more advanced in several aspects compared to ones found in traditional washers.



Samsung’s digital invertors provide more precision and power while producing less noise and vibration.3 For users, improved precision and power mean faster and more efficient laundry washing while reduced noise and vibration mean they can do laundry any time, day or night, without worrying about disturbing family members. Impressive still, the stable and smooth operation of the Digital Inverter Technology makes Samsung washing machines more durable over time by reducing damage from extensive use.


In refrigerators, Digital Inverter Technology takes the form of Digital Inverter Compressors (DIC) that act as the heart of the unit, circulating cold air throughout the compartments. Samsung’s DIC intelligently adjusts its power depending on circumstances instead of just turning on and off.



In practice, this means refrigerators run at higher power settings during high-usage times such as during the day and run at reduced power settings saving energy during low-usage times such as at night. The intelligently efficient DIC can also adjust gradually moving along the power setting scale to save energy and prolong the life of the refrigerator by reducing on and off cycles.


No matter how they’re used, Samsung’s inverter technologies set themselves apart with recognized durability. Both Digital Inverter Technologies in refrigerators and washers have been certified4 by the team of engineers at the Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), an independent, third-party testing institute established in 1893, renown for their high standards. After more than 4,000 cycles of testing, Samsung’s washer with DIT received the VDE mark indicating safety and quality.


By applying the warranty to Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technologies, the company is making a commitment to its users to provide added value for years to come. Honoring this pledge means, that while the appliance is in production or even thereafter, the parts required to maintain and service DITs will be made available for 20 years. Users’ can rest assured knowing Samsung servicing using Samsung-made products will be there when they need them.



Creating Lasting Solutions for Everyday Sustainability

Samsung believes true sustainability starts from the home because small choices made every day can have big impacts on the planet. With innovative solutions built into its kitchen and living appliances, backed by the 20-year warranty, Samsung is looking broadly in search of sustainable solutions for the home.



1 The 20-year warranty is only applicable to the inverter motors and compressors in refrigerators, washers and dryers sold in the E.U. starting in July 2022 in addition to Digital Inverter Motors and Compressors found in refrigerators and washers sold in the U.S..

2 20-year warranty on Digital Inverter Technologies (motor/compressor) only applies to refrigerators and washing machines manufactured by Samsung and subcontracted manufacturers. 20-year warranty does not apply to any outsourced products.

3 Generally, the level of noise reduction is 5dBA and 3dBA for the washing and spinning cycles respectively. The data is based on ERP label, F500 8kg 1400rpm WF80F5E5P4W with a Digital Inverter Motor and Vistula 8kg 1400rpm WF1804WPC with a Universal Motor.

4 Awarded by the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in Germany (Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker – VDE). Actual lifespan may vary depending on the usage circumstances. VDE certification granted only to specific Samsung refrigerator models.

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