Taking Care of Business: How Samsung Galaxy Devices Improve the Workplace

on November 19, 2015
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Taking Care of Business: How Samsung Galaxy Devices Improve the Workplace


Before the digital age, business transactions and communication relied heavily on direct personal contact. But as technology has progressed in recent years, there has been a rapid shift in how professionals carry out business. We’ve gone from desktop computers to portable laptops, then to cell phones with primitive Internet capabilities, on to revolutionary smartphones, tablets and now smart watches and other wearables. Today, the ability to connect instantly and carry out tasks easily via electronic devices is making work environments more efficient than ever, and is redefining the very concept of the workplace.


The smartphone in particular, being both more portable and flexible than traditional office equipment, has evolved from a communication device to a mobile office, and has spurred a number of business trends. “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) is one that has become widely incorporated in workplaces throughout the world. With the ability to use their personal mobile devices for business activities, employees are able to experience an improved work-life balance and enhanced productivity.


To this end, Samsung remains committed to meeting the needs and demands of business professionals to create products that allow for superior organization, security, productivity, time management and, above all, connection. Its newest products—the Galaxy S6 edge+, the Galaxy Note5, the Galaxy Tab S2 and the Gear S2—come equipped with tools and solutions that reflect this commitment.


Taking Care of Business: How Samsung Galaxy Devices Improve the Workplace


The Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5: BYOD Devices that Work for You


The Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note5 were designed for optimized productivity and performance. Preloaded with a suite of Microsoft Office apps, a Cisco WebEx video conferencing app, free storage on OneDrive (100GB for 2 years) and refined Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)—a communications protocol designed for the synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes—the devices enable a completely portable working experience that ensures continuity, whether in the office or on a business trip across the world.


In addition to upgraded productivity features, the large, 5.7-inch screens of both the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 provide the ideal amount of screen real estate to create presentations, edit documents and utilize business applications easily and comfortably. This is complemented by the devices’ intuitive touch interfaces and convenient input tools, such as the QWERTY Keyboard Cover and the highly precise S Pen (available on the Galaxy Note5), which eliminate the need for bulky, heavy terminals.


But even the most useful and efficient device doesn’t amount to much if it cannot keep up with one’s hectic work schedule. With fast processing and 4GB RAM, the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 ensure swift application launch and multi-tasking while fast charging and power saving features keep the devices powered from early morning meetings through evening presentations. And when those presentations require the utilization of additional devices, SideSync 4.0 seamlessly connects the Galaxy smartphones to a PC or tablet to allow for drag-and-drop file sharing.



KNOX: Security and Privacy


As personal communication devices like the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note5 continue to become a main component of business culture, more and more pressure is being placed on IT to manage and secure devices and data. As such, the defense-grade security of Samsung KNOX provides multi-layer protection to keep data safe from the moment one’s device is powered on.


Users can even keep work and personal data separate, ensuring that corporate information and resources can only be accessed by authorized personnel. KNOX offers enterprise users management tools, KNOX workspace and utilities which include on-device encryption. Furthermore, the security solution provides a vital competitive edge in a regulated industry, with Mobile Device Management (MDM) integration for easy incorporation with more than 120 MDM partners.


Taking Care of Business: How Samsung Galaxy Devices Improve the Workplace


Keeping Tabs on Workplace Mobility


While smartphones are becoming a major component of the on-the-go approach, tablets are playing an increasingly critical role at work, especially for those who travel frequently. Gone are the days of lugging heavy laptops, stacks of paper and large charts to business meetings. Now, tablets make it easier to give presentations and showcase slideshows.


The Galaxy Tab S2, the world’s slimmest and lightest tablet, is setting a new standard in this market with its best-in-class productivity features, scalable memory with micro SD and optimized viewing features. Incorporating a 4:3 screen ratio and a Super AMOLED screen, the tablet enhances document viewing and writing, as well as on-the-go reading. As such, its preloaded Microsoft Office apps allow for a consistent office experience without the need of a PC.


And for those more accustomed to using a keyboard, the Bluetooth-enabled Keyboard Cover is ergonomically designed for faster and easier typing, and can be protected, stored and toted with the tablet inside the stylish Galaxy Tab S2 Book Cover. Moreover, enhanced file management and expandable storage up to 128GB secured by improved KNOX-based fingerprint recognition technology ensures that enterprises and users receive the highest standards of productivity and security.




The Next Level of Mobility


Like smartphones and tablets, wearables enable employees to reduce their dependence on clunky devices, communicate with minimal interference and get around more freely without feeling disconnected.


The Samsung Gear S2 allows users to conveniently access their email, make phone calls, set reminders, glance at their schedule and check notifications right from their wrist via an intuitive interface, rotating bezel and stand-alone connectivity (Wi-Fi or LTE). Also, users can discreetly check and respond to texts and emails with pre-set messages or the touch screen keyboard. Furthermore, wireless charging capabilities and a battery life that typically lasts two to three days ensure that the Gear S2 keeps you connected and on time … all the time.


While the workplace continues to transform into one that is as mobile as employees themselves, Samsung’s range of mobile devices and solutions will make staying productive, connected and protected as easy as the swipe of a screen.

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