The Four Colors of Club des Chefs at the Premium Lounge, IFA 2014

on October 8, 2014
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For the chefs at home, we have four delicious and colorful stories to tell you. At IFA 2014, four of Samsung’s Club des ChefsMichel Troisgros, Christopher Kostow, Davide Oldani, and Elena Arzak prepared four wonderful meals based on four different color themes: white, brown, yellow, and green, using one of Samsung Chef Collection, at the premium lounge. Let’s hear how the four famous chefs cooked four multicolored dishes one by one.



Pure White


With purity and precision of the temperatures of ingredients, Michel Troisgros, the leader of the Samsung Club des Chefs, prepared a light, delicious dish with white ingredients, using the Chef Collection refrigerator.


Chef Michel Troisgros and Chef Collection Refrigerator



Michel cooked a dish using milk and white truffles. Milk is a typical white ingredient that symbolizes purity and presents the food’s originality and essentialness. Michel said he liked to drink milk so much that he always drinks it before he goes to bed even to this day.


As a professional chef, he firmly believes that the essential factor of preserving ingredients’ freshness is keeping them at their optimal temperature; all the way from storage to their final presentation. Michel was proud to take part in the making of the Chef Collection refrigerator, which has a Metal Cooling Plate that helps to maintain the set temperature through the refrigerator.


Chef Michel Troisgros

▲Chef Michel Troisgros presents a meal with the purity and smoothness of white milk thanks to the Chef Collection refrigerator’s consistent temperature preservation feature.


Chef Michel Troisgros’ delicious meal using milk and truffle

▲Chef Michel Troisgros’ delicious meal using milk and truffle




Fresh Green 


Using the Chef Collection oven, Chef Elena Arzak cooked fresh dishes with green ingredients.


Chef Elena Arzak and Chef Collection Oven


Chef Elena prepared two green dishes in different tones. Green is actually the chef’s favorite color. In fact, her kitchen, which is in San Sebastián, Spain, is surrounded by mountains and parks. It is full of many fresh ingredients such as pepper, parsley, and figs.


While Chef Elena made her first dish, she thought of summer. Summer is, in fact, the best season to catch and eat cuttlefish and where the fig ripens and turns dark green in Spain. She said she cannot forget the farm where there is a strong fragrant of the leaves of the figs under the sunlight.


The oven is a very special home appliance to Chef Elena Arzak. When she was a toddler, she often toddled to the oven. In addition, as she grew older, she cooked various meals such as roast chicken and grilled fish using the oven.


Chef Elena Arzak was pleased to take part in the production of the Chef Collection oven with Samsung. The Chef Collection oven features Gourmet Vapor Technology that uses super-heated steam to optimize the texture and taste of the food. This technology actually fits with the chef’s cooking style. Chef Elena claims that anyone who uses this oven will be able to cook any of their favorite dishs while retaining the flavor, nutrition, and texture of the ingredients.


Chef Elena Arzak cooking

▲Chef Elena Arzak cooking a dish with green ingredients


Chef Elena Arzak's fresh green food

▲Chef Elena Arzak’s Fresh Green Food




Natural Brown


Chef Christopher Kostow, the third youngest chef ever to receive 3-Michelin stars, presented the original taste of the ingredients with the ‘brown’ theme using the Chef Collection Induction Cook top.


Chef Christopher Kostow and Chef Collection Induction Cook top


For the chef, the color brown symbolized the trees and wooden wine barrels from his home in Napa Valley, California, a top wine region.


Chef Christopher Kostow’s dish started with fresh potatoes. After cooking them, the Chef put brown powder into the croquette. A bite of the croquette filled the mouth with the sweetness of the honey and crispiness inside.


Chef Christopher Kostow's brown dish

▲Chef Christopher Kostow’s Natural Brown Dish


Chef Christopher Kostow took part in the development of the Chef Collection cook top with Samsung. He focused on maximizing the safety and convenience with perfect control. The Chef Collection cook top features a Virtual Safety Flame technology, which visuallys tells the users when the heat is on and what its intensity is. This is done through beautiful glowing LED blue lighting.




Bright Yellow


Chef Davide Oldani, one of the most talented young chefs on the global culinary scene, tried to expand the beauty of cooking using yellow ingredients and the Chef Collection dishwasher.


Chef Davide Oldani and Chef Collection Dishwasher


The color yellow is one of Chef Davide Oldani’s special cooking styles. The color reminds the chef of the vitality of unique Italian regions and the taste of the spice in the warm southern part of Italy. The chef enjoys challenging himself in cooking new methods, considering the seasons. He especially loves the ingredients in season that have been grown with the right sunlight. 


Chef Davide Oladani firmly believed that the shape of the dish was as important as the taste of the food. That was why the chef focused on the color of the plates and the appearance of the overall dish. The Chef felt fortunate that Samsung had the same belief as him. Thanks to that, the Chef succeeded in producing the powerful washing feature of the Chef Collection dishwasher with Samsung.


With the Chef Collection dishwasher, the food that home chefs make will become cleaner and brighter. Like the picture below, the plate, the chef presented, was so clean that the yellow food stood out.


Chef Davide Oldani's Yellow Dish

▲Chef Davide Oladani’s Yellow Dish



Thus, four beautiful and delicious dishes were made through the collaboration of Michellin starred chefs and Samsung Chef Collection. The hard work the chefs made in presenting food masterpieces took the taste to the next level. We at Samsung Tomorrow believe that if you use the Chef Collection, which is combined with the know-hows from the chefs and Samsung home appliance technology, you will be able to create the best taste of your food through the beauty and joy of cooking.



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