The Frame 2018 Transforms the Home into a Gallery with Advanced Art Features and Technology

on August 7, 2018
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Among the many TV innovations that Samsung has pioneered over the years, the company will always be remembered for transforming the TV from being a black box to a work of art with The Frame. The latest version, The Frame 2018 has just become available for purchase in North America and Europe, with other markets to come.


The Frame 2018 is the evolution of Samsung’s award-winning lifestyle TV, The Frame. With enhanced features, new customization options and more than 800 available works of art, The Frame 2018 transforms the living room into a dynamic gallery space.


Owners of The Frame 2018 now have more ways than ever to customize the look and feel of their room. The Samsung Art Store, the world’s largest art platform for TVs, houses an ever-growing and diverse library of artwork from some of the most prominent museums, galleries and artists around the world – including the recent addition of more than 30 iconic pieces of photography from The New York Times, 21 artworks from the Victoria and Albert Museum and 10 pieces from the YellowKorner gallery.


Whether they prefer to change the look of their room each season or want to bring a fresh vibe to their décor for a dinner party, consumers can customize The Frame to create their preferred aesthetic in any room. Thanks to an improved UI, owners of The Frame can browse different art pieces based on the color scheme of the room, or by a particular medium, like drawings or photography. Then, much like curating a music playlist, owners can create a personalized collection that shuffles through their particular selections as often as they like.



Stunning Quality with User-friendly Functionality


When it’s switched on, The Frame 2018 features a crisp and clear 4K UHD screen with HDR10+ technology, so that users can view the content just the way the director intended. Similar to Samsung’s 2018 QLED TV line, The Frame 2018 comes with new smart capabilities that make it quick and easy to set up the new TV and access content.


With Effortless Log-in, users can quickly transfer their Wi-Fi and Samsung account details from their phone to the TV via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) without having to remember or re-enter their password. Samsung’s proprietary Smart Hub menu enables consumers to intuitively navigate across streaming services, consoles and live TV while the Universal Guide feature curates content based on each user’s unique taste.



A Gallery in your Living Room

The thing that sets The Frame 2018 apart is the way it transforms itself when the screen is switched off. Motion and brightness sensors convert The Frame 2018 from TV into a lifelike work of art. Just like how a framed picture looks different depending on the time of day, these sensors also adjust the screen brightness based on the ambient light in the room.


The Frame 2018’s enhanced Samsung Art Store is an optimized platform offering new ways for consumers to access new pieces of art. Additional features include:


  • Slideshow – Sets a slideshow of the user’s personally selected artworks that automatically changes at intervals of between 10 minutes and 7 days according to personal settings
  • Favorite – Enables consumers to select their favorite artworks and create their own collection of masterpieces to be used with Slideshow, and provide easier access to their favorite pieces



Discovery and navigation on the Samsung Art Store have been improved so users are never too far away from their new favorite piece to display proudly on their screen. Users can easily find their picks, browsing through the gallery where the images are sorted by different categories like colors and composition. Unlimited access to the Samsung Art Store is available for $4.99* a month, with a free month’s trial. Owning a permanent download requires $19.99* per each artwork.


The Frame 2018 seamlessly blends in with home décor. When mounted, it hangs flush to the wall thanks to Samsung’s No Gap Wall-Mount. The selection of four customizable magnetic bezel options – black, white, walnut and beige wood – also helps users to swap the monitor edge’s color to complement the room’s style. Also, by coming with the One Invisible Connection, a slim, translucent cable that transmits both power and AV data to the TV, The Frame 2018 ensures that users are provided not only better design but also better viewing experience.



The Frame has helped style-conscious consumers find the right mix of functionality and design for their TV – whether it is on or off. With The Frame 2018, it is refined even further and is now irresistible.


*Price may vary by currency.

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